A Partnership between Youth, Police and NAFED to Feed Lakhs of People


New Delhi, April 2, 2020: #50MealPackChallenge is a youth-driven campaign aimed at providing support to the underprivileged, poor, migrant workers and daily wagers in the form of food grains and dry ration.

Rickshaw pullers, hawkers, domestic help, day labourers and other workers in the informal sector account for 81 per cent of India’s workforce. This community relies on meagre daily earnings to sustain a living. The coronavirus disease (COVID -19) outbreak, followed by the lockdown has left them with no work and no income. They are struggling to feed themselves and their families.

The #50MealPackChallenge adopts an innovative approach to tackle this problem of widespread hunger and starvation. They utilise the state machinery for their operations and supply chain. The Group is working in collaboration with the Delhi Police and National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd (NAFED) – a Govt of India PSU. All donations are made directly in NAFED’s account. For the donations received, NAFED supplies Delhi Police with the rations. All distributions are then done by Delhi Police. This ensures that every donation reaches the needy with full transparency.

Five lakh meals have been served through the campaign in less than a week.

The team intends to raise awareness and generate donations through viral social media campaigns by creating engaging content such as videos, rap songs, music videos. They are targeting the youth of the country and encouraging them to participate in this mission to feed the starving poor amidst the coronavirus crisis.

Who can participate?
Anyone – Individuals and Corporations willing to extend their help towards the most indispensable section of our society.

What is a “50MealPack”? A “50 meal pack” contains uncooked dry ration for preparing 50 meals in a carry bag.

How you can participate in the #50MealPackChallenge?
You can participate in two simple steps
Step 1: Make a donation to feed the poor.
Step 2: Post your photo with the donation on social media and challenge your friends to participate in the #50MealPackChallenge.

How can you donate?
You can donate in either cash or kind.

Cash Donations
All cash donations are made directly into the bank account of NAFED.
Donations can be made in multiples of Rs.1100.
NAFED will supply two 50 Meal Packs to Delhi Police for every donation of Rs.1100
You can find out more about how to make the payment here: https://pages.razorpay.com/50mealpack

Path Ahead
The campaign has amassed immense support in Delhi NCR within days of its launch and aspires to be a success across the cities in India during these trying times. While India fights the pandemic, the existing situation of hunger has multiplied manifold. The underprivileged need us more than ever. Each individual can do their bit through this campaign and make a difference.