ACC Cement Nala Bund (CNB) Project Uplifts Agriculture and Livelihoods in Shindola Village


Maharashtra: ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, has undertaken a significant initiative to address the water scarcity and agricultural challenges faced by farmers in Shindola village, located in the Wani Taluka of Yavatmal district in Maharashtra. The initiative focuses on the construction of a Cement Nala Bund (CNB) to impound surface runoff and raise groundwater levels, thereby enabling farmers in the region to increase their agricultural productivity and income.

Shindola village is known for its predominantly agricultural community. However, the farmers in the village face numerous difficulties due to inadequate water availability and poor soil quality. Currently, the crops grown in the village are cotton and tur dal, with soyabean farming done sporadically in the kharif season. Santosh Laxman Zade is one such small farmer, who has been impacted by these challenges. With only five acres of cultivable land out of his total nine acres, Santosh faced difficulties due to inadequate water supply and poor soil conditions. The existing bore well on his farm could only support six sprinklers after December and January.

Recognising the need to support the farmers in Shindola, ACC collaborated with others to undertake a comprehensive baseline survey of the area. ACC subsequently decided to construct a CNB to impound surface runoff and facilitate the percolation of stored water into the sub-strata of the soil.

The construction of the 14-metre CNB, completed in May 2019, has significantly raised the groundwater level in the zone of influence of the structure. The CNB has a water storage capacity of up to 6 TCM (60 lakh litres) and effectively holds the water flow, preventing soil erosion. The stored water has been beneficial not only for Santosh but also for fellow farmers in the area. With increased water availability, he has been able to cultivate additional crops, including gram (chana) and vegetables. This newfound prosperity has allowed Santosh to fulfill his dream of constructing two RCC rooms and shifting his family from a kaccha house to an RCC house.

Ajay Kapur, CEO, Cement Business, said, “We take immense pride in being a catalyst for positive change in Shindola. The establishment of Cement Nala Bunds has not only empowered the local farming community but has also significantly improved their quality of life. Our commitment is not only to uplift rural livelihoods but also to promote sustainable agriculture, contributing to the overall prosperity of the region.”

ACC and Adani Foundation serve as a model for sustainable agriculture and community development. By addressing the water and soil challenges faced by farmers, the company aims to uplift rural livelihoods and contribute to the overall well-being of the community.