Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ganga Cleaning Drive at Haridwar, Highlights Commitment to Sustainable Practices


Haridwar: Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, a player in the pharmaceutical industry, has reaffirmed its commitment to environmental sustainability by actively participating in the annual Ganga Cleaning Drive at Haridwar. This Akums initiative, held once a year, focuses on effectively reducing pollution and conserving and rejuvenating the river Ganga.

The Ganga Cleaning Drive, an annual event in Haridwar, has gained significance in recent years as a crucial effort to preserve the Ganges. Under the leadership of Sandeep Jain, Akums has embraced this initiative, recognising the river’s spiritual, cultural, and practical importance in providing water resources to many Indians. Through its backing of the Ganga Cleaning Drive, Akums seeks to raise awareness about Clean India practices within the pharmaceutical industry. The company believes that businesses should play a key role in promoting environmental consciousness and taking concrete steps toward conservation.

Sandeep Jain, Jt. Managing Director of Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, shared his perspective on the Ganga Cleaning Drive, stating, “Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond pharmaceuticals; it involves the communities and environments where we operate. The Ganga Cleaning Drive aligns with our values, and we take pride in contributing to the preservation of this sacred river. Through our participation in this annual campaign, we aspire to motivate others to take proactive steps toward environmental conservation. We acknowledge our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and engage in initiatives contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet.”

The Ganga Cleaning Drive at Haridwar serves as a platform for Akums to showcase its dedication to corporate responsibility and its role as a responsible corporate citizen. The company acknowledges the interconnectedness of business operations with environmental well-being and continues to explore innovative ways to integrate sustainable practices into its core operations.