Apollo Hospitals’ Project Prashikshan Emergency Preparedness and Basic Life Support Training for Frontline Warriors


Ahmedabad: In a concerted effort to enhance community resilience and emergency response capabilities, Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad, through its not-for-profit arm, Billion Hearts Beating, spearheaded Basic Life Support (BLS) training for cadets, State police personnel, and frontline warriors at LJ University in Ahmedabad. The initiative falls under the ambit of Project Prashikshan, a holistic endeavour aimed at fostering awareness and readiness for emergencies across diverse sectors.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Sanjay Shah, Senior Consultant Trauma Surgeon and Head of the Emergency Department at Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad, the training programme equipped participants with essential life-saving skills, including recognising emergencies, administering high-quality chest compressions, delivering appropriate ventilations, and employing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in cases of cardiac arrest. The session, which witnessed enthusiastic participation from approximately 180 individuals, symbolised a collective commitment to building a safer and more resilient society.

The initiative embodies unwavering dedication to empowering communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to confront emergencies head-on. By democratising access to life-saving techniques, the aim is to catalyse a paradigm shift in emergency response practices, thereby safeguarding countless lives.

The BLS training initiative marks a pivotal milestone in Apollo Hospitals’ ongoing efforts to democratise healthcare and strengthen emergency response mechanisms nationwide. Through strategic collaborations and community engagement initiatives, Apollo Hospitals remains steadfast in its mission to build a healthier and safer tomorrow for all.