Appario Retail Gives Wings to the Digital Dreams of Underprivileged Children in Bengaluru


Bengaluru: Aimed at giving wings to the digital dreams of underprivileged children, Appario Retail Private Limited (“Appario or Company”) collaborated with two NGOs to distribute digital devices like laptops, desktops and tablets in Bengaluru. This digital literacy drive aimed at transforming the lives of the city’s underprivileged children saw the Company distribute electronic devices worth approximately INR 1.19 Crore. The devices were handed over to the students and teachers of these NGOs in the presence of Aman Deep Lohan, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Sharath Narahari Belur, Chief Financial Officer, and other key officials of the Company.

Through the distribution of these devices, the Company believes that it will help not only reduce the digital divide in India but also digitally empower the less privileged and give wings to their dreams through digital literacy. An aim of the Company, which echoes the Government of India’s ‘Digital India’ campaign to reduce the digital divide in the country. 

The recent pandemic, especially, had a profound impact on the way students adapted to digitalization, moving away from a system of education built around physical schools and classrooms. Therefore, the primary objective of this initiative by the Company was to enable underprivileged children to gain unlimited access to education.  Through its flagship program, ‘Technology Education’ and ‘Realizing Digital Dreams’ Appario has come forward to empower teachers and underprivileged children with laptops, tablets and help in setting up a digital library. The Company distributed 54 Laptops, 7 Desktops and 95 Tablets to YuvaLok Foundation and 120 Laptops to the Christel House India.

Commenting on this, Aman Deep Lohan, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Appario said, “We are happy to contribute to the large cause which will help these children in providing access to internet which would be a steppingstone for them in today’s digital world and help them to get larger opportunity in their life. Digital empowerment and an opportunity to access the same quality of education is key to bridging the digital divide in India. It is only when this happens can India talk about being inclusive and giving equal opportunity to learn and grow for the underprivileged youth of our country. They are the future and need to be nurtured and instilled with the need for and importance of digital first thinking. This is the singular thought behind this project, which we hope will give wings to the dreams of our underprivileged youth of Bengaluru.” 

Sharath Narahari Belur, Chief Financial Officer of Appario added that “As a country we aim to be completely digitally empowered, however, this vision can only be completed by bridging the digital divide. We look forward to building an atmosphere that caters to children from all walks of life. Through these projects, we aim to create a level playing field and improve the educational status of underserved children which will empower them to not only meet their developmental goals but also compete in a world which is digitally driven. It will be a matter of pride for us to see these children succeed in their field of choice.”