Assisted Living Services for the Elderly Alserv Sees 5X Increase During Lockdown


Chennai, June 15, 2020: As the fear of being infected by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) mounts – the most vulnerable of all – the elderly are worried about not getting medical care, food, groceries, and other sudden requirements that might arise during these uncertain times. Particularly those who are self-isolated with medical conditions such as chronic respiratory disease, heart and kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, and paralysis conditions are extremely worried.

Alserv – the city’s one of a kind non-real estate based assisted living service provider is helping seniors in this crucial moment by delivering what they need to their doorstep through a technology-powered platform and a call-centre help desk. The Company’s assisted living services are cost-effective, transparent, quality-centric, and fully customizable. Alserv’s top-notch facilities provided include 24/7 medical care for the elderly, personalised food and cooking services, safety and security products, and housekeeping and concierge services.

Connecting Community, Support and Seniors

Recently, Alserv saw a five times increase in traffic on their platform as more and more seniors want to get hold of the available services, especially healthcare.

Facilities in demand:

Home-cooked Meals – Alserv is delivering home-cooked meals through verified service providers, who maintain the highest quality and hygiene standards saw a three times increase since in orders over the last70 days.

Medical Assistance – Alserv partnered with 12 healthcare companies to help seniors with medical needs, including medicine delivery, doctor consultations, and nurse and attender on-call. Doctor on call services was used regularly for routine check-ups among the elderly. This service was very helpful in these times when elders had the option of phone consultations instead of waiting in queues at clinic houses.

Grocery Delivery – Alserv provides groceries, fruits and vegetables at lower prices compared to local vendors in the city. The groceries are ordered over the phone or through the Alserv app. This saw five times increase in the number of orders.

Services for COVID-19 Patients and Quarantined: Alserv is helping the self-isolated elderly to get home-cooked meals without interruption while maintaining the highest safety standards. Alserv is also supplying essential medicines to patients who are diagnosed with cancer and other chronic health problems during the lockdown across Chennai.

Alserv is also able to help in arranging for swab tests for people who are feeling unwell post-doctor consultations

Housekeeping – Alserv has partnered with over seven expert service providers in the deep cleaning, pest control and housekeeping services. Post the virus, cleaning has taken the front seat in services and Alserv is able to do this during these times and has seen an increasing demand in these requests.