Ayekart Partners with Grameen Foundation to Offer Ayekrishi as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)


India: Ayekart, a leading agrifood fintech platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Grameen Foundation India. This collaboration aims to extend Ayekart’s Ayekrishi platform (PaaS) along with the market linkage services with embedded finance to Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) connected with Grameen Foundation in India, bolstering financial inclusion and enabling marginalised communities, mainly focusing on women. Ayekart, India’s foremost integrated tech platform in the food and agri value chain, is driving a transformation within the segment by unveiling a range of groundbreaking solutions.

Central to this transformation is Ayekrishi, the FPO management tool that is a beacon of efficiency, simplifying business processes and enhancing operational efficacy. FPOs can use Ayekrishi for market linkage and to access supplier networks. The platform includes planning features to aid FPOs in organising their operations effectively and provides advisory suggestions to support FPOs in decision-making and strategy development.

The primary purpose of the collaboration between Ayekart and the Grameen Foundation in India is to integrate Ayekrishi for the market linkage activities and FPO management promoted by the Grameen. This collaboration will benefit the FPOs significantly, including access to different marketable commodities and support in the procurement and selling of produce based on demand and supply conditions. Grameen supports these efforts, aligning with its mission of linking farmers/FPOs with remunerative markets, the foundation’s involvement will ensure the FPOs have the necessary support and resources to leverage the Ayekrishi platform effectively.

Debarshi Dutta, Co-Founder & CEO of Ayekart, said: “Ayekart’s journey is rooted in our commitment to fuelling progress in the food and agri value chain. We are thrilled to partner with the Grameen Foundation India to extend our Ayekrishi services. This collaboration is a significant step towards enhancing the financial inclusion of the market reach of FPOs/Farmers. Together, we aim to create sustainable livelihoods and empower FPOs/ farmers and the MSMEs by leveraging digital technology.”

Bharati Joshi, Interim CEO of Grameen, said: “Joining hands with Ayekart allows us to further our mission of eradicating poverty and hunger by enabling the poor, especially women. We recognise the catalytic role of technology in bridging the gap between farmers and entrepreneurs on the one hand and the market (including technical service providers on the other). We are happy to find an institutional partner like Ayekart which is ready to put purpose before profits. We envisage Ayekrishi’s innovative solutions will help us deepen our impact in agriculture and livelihoods, fostering resilience and sustainable growth in the communities we serve.”