Balancehero India Digital Upskilling Initiative for Youth Under Its Sahayak Programme


National: Balancehero India Private Limited (BHI), the wholly-owned subsidiary of Balancehero Co. Ltd. Korea, which runs and operates “True Balance” (the RBI-authorised PPI issuing entity and emerging lending platform), unveiled new initiatives under the “Sahayak Programme” to up-skill the youth of the country in technology and digital literacy, on the occasion of National Youth Day. Under this programme, the company, through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm, pledges to up-skill over 1,000 youth in the area of digital literacy and technology. 

After conducting a special session on financial inclusion for the group, Souparno Bagchi, COO, Balancehero India, commented, “In line with the overall philosophy of “Financing the Next Billion,” we, at Balancehero India, are always at the forefront of assisting users who are underbanked or not serviced by the traditional financial institutions. Through the launch of the Sahayak Programme, we aim to make a real difference in the lives of people and play our role in driving financial inclusion in the country. In this year, we aim to train and up-skill more than 1,000 young Indians, and take this reach to over five times that by 2025.”

Through the Sahayak Programme, Balancehero pledges its support to the digital upskilling of Indian youth. The company aims to empower young people all over the country with digital knowledge and also contribute to the nation’s goal towards a digital India and driving financial inclusion.