Bengal Club Provide Meals and Accommodation to Stranded Cancer Patients and their Kin


Mumbai, April 18, 2020: The latest infectious disease, COVID-19, has paralysed our nation and the world. The Government of India is taking all necessary steps to ensure that the nation is prepared to face the challenge and threat posed by the pandemic. The All-India lockdown which began on March 25, 2020, was supposed to have ended on April 14, but due to the fast-spreading nature of the virus, affecting thousands of people in the country, the government felt it necessary to further extend the lockdown till May 3, 2020.

Bengal Club has taken the responsibility of helping distressed persons when different NGOs engaged in supporting cancer patients at the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai informed the Club authorities about the condition of the stranded patients and their relatives who are mostly from West Bengal, Assam and Tripura. The Bengal Club then began serving free meals to them from April 2 onwards. Club officials are helping those diagnosed with cancer and those who are not able to return to their homes due to the lockdown. Not only are the distressed people being provided with food, but are also being provided shelter wherever possible.

Joy Chakraborty from the Bengal Club said, “It is in our DNA to serve and contribute for social causes. Earlier, we contributed towards the CM Fund when Maharashtra was devastated by natural calamity, to NGOs supporting cancer patients and also to NGOs supporting education and mid-day meals. This time we tried our best to support patients from other States fighting for their life.”

On behalf of the Bengal Club, Dilip Das said, “We are committed to our society in this tough time. Mrinal Purkayastha, the organiser of the distribution of supplies, has personally supervised the entire activity. The Club has tied up with ISKCON and other NGOs to supply distribute the food. Although April 14 was the Bengali New Year, Bengal Club cancelled the New Year celebrations and decided to continue the work of providing food and shelter to distressed people till May 3, 2020. This decision received the wholehearted support of all the Club members, in terms of donations, to take this drive forward.

Apart from its cultural and religious activities, Bengal Club is known for its philanthropy and social services. With its rich heritage, the Bengal Club, which will be entering its centenary year in 2021, is serving the distressed people at Sewri, Sion (Anand Nagar), Tata Hospital and Lower Parel (Mumbai Mother Children Welfare Society), providing food to around 350 to 400 people per day.