Birla Brainiacs Donates Tabs to Children in an NGO in Pune to Enable Online Learning


National: Due to the barriers to learning brought about by the pandemic, maintaining the same standards of crucial education became a challenge for schools. The underprivileged children faced the harshest blow when it came to learning owing to the lack of access to technology and the exorbitant costs involved. Birla Brainiacs stepped up under the able guidance of Yashovardhan Birla and Nirvaan Birla, who are ardent believers in the importance of education. They associated with Being Human to distribute the much-needed tabs to the children in an NGO in Pimpri, Pune to ensure their learning progresses smoothly.

The NGO in Pune had Nirvaan Birla and Yashovardhan Birla personally hand out 50 of these devices in an effort to keep the children excited.

Speaking on the cause Nirvaan Birla, Director, Birla Brainiacs, said, “It is not about technology nor is it only about education; It’s in fact about sharing knowledge and information, building learning communities and creating a culture of caring. It is about bringing 21st-century learning skills to the doorstep of those in need. It is about bridging gaps and building bridges.”

Yash Birla, Chairman, Birla Brainiacs said, “Striving to assist in tiding over the gap between the underprivileged and the elite classes of our society is the need of the hour. The integration of technology with education holds great promise and materialising this vision into reality for the grassroots levels of our country will bring about a transformational breakthrough in student achievements. We dream of making every student a digital citizen.”