Bombay Shaving Company Encourages Sustainable and Responsible Shaving


New Delhi: Humans produce a lot of waste from simple day to day activities and our shaving routines are no exception. The problem of disposable razors has been prevalent for quite some time. These razors have significant environmental impact and potential detrimental effects on human health, aquatic animals and the wider ecosystem. Therefore, this Earth Day, Bombay Shaving Company, a conscious, progressive, sustainability focused and premium personal care brand for men and women, encourages shaving responsibly by switching to metal safety razors.

Through a short factual video, Bombay Shaving Company sheds light on how disposable razors are a menace to our planet as their irreplaceable blades and plastic body contribute to 80 per cent of all marine waste and almost 200 million disposable razors are thrown away. Every time a ton of disposable razors is manufactured, 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide is released every single day. Hence, there is an immediate need to reconsider the sustainable nature of our grooming routines. Giving a solution to this planet devastating problem, the video opens the door to the idea how Bombay Shaving Company’s Precision Safety Metal Razor is a much more sustainable and environment-friendly way of shaving. Unlike disposable razors, safety razors are built to last a lifetime. These safety razors are recycle-ready, reduces plastic waste and gives a much better shaving experience, without hurting the environment.

So, this Earth Day, Bombay Shaving Company urges you to take a step towards contributing to restoring the glory of the planet by shaving responsibly and make metal razors a part of your shaving lifestyle. With everyone’s combined efforts, a significant reduction in waste build-up can be achieved over time.

Link to watch the video: