Carlsberg India and WaterAid India Join Forces to Recharge Water


Mysuru: Carlsberg India and WaterAid India have launched a three-year water-replenishment program in the water-stressed Nanjangud Block of Mysuru.  The collaborative efforts of Carlsberg and WaterAid are expected to positively impact over 34,000 individuals across the five Gram Panchayats – Thagadooru, Karya, Devanur, Badanavalu, and Nerale.   

Recognising water as the primary ingredient in beer, Carlsberg is committed to a partnership that aims to replenish the same quantity of water it consumes, back to the local communities and the ecosystem. The program addresses critical aspects such as wetland conservation, source sustainability measures, greywater management, and sustainable agriculture interventions. Beyond tangible water conservation initiatives, the partnership will include awareness campaigns, training programmes, and convergence meetings to actively engage key stakeholders within the community.

The Nanjangud Block in Mysuru district, Karnataka, India, grapples with a significant water challenge, given its below-average annual rainfall. Operating within this region, Carlsberg India acknowledges the urgent need to address water conservation.

The collaborative effort also marks the commencement of a global partnership between Carlsberg Group and WaterAid, focusing on a holistic approach to sustainable water management.

Nilesh Patel, Managing Director, Carlsberg India said, “At Carlsberg India, we are committed to achieving zero water waste as part of our Together Towards Zero & Beyond (TTSAB) Program. We are pleased to announce our collaboration with WaterAid to address the scarcity of water in Nanjangud. Together, we aspire to make a lasting impact by implementing sustainable water conservation measures and fostering empowerment of the community. This partnership underscores our dedication to make a real difference to build a lasting and sustainable future for all.”

“Our partnership with Carlsberg India furthers our common goal of ensuring assured availability of water, especially in water-stressed regions in India. WaterAid India’s holistic and participatory approach, steered by communities’ collective commitment and action to conserve water and protect water sources through conservation, groundwater recharge measures, greywater management and efficient water use for agriculture will create a more resilient and water-secure future,” said VK Madhavan, Chief Executive, WaterAid India.

“We find it truly encouraging to witness Carlsberg, a Danish company, demonstrating a strong commitment to enhancing both ecosystems and communities within its operational areas. This collaborative effort with WaterAid sets a commendable example. We trust that this partnership will serve as inspiration for other businesses to emulate the proactive approach demonstrated by Carlsberg and WaterAid,” stated Søren Nørrelund Kannik-Marquardsen, Minister Counsellor, Regional Coordinator South Asia and Head of Trade & Commercial Affairs, New Delhi. 

The partnership sets out a holistic programme for sustainable water management in the region, including:

  • Wetland Restoration: Ponds and check dams will be restored and improved to enhance storage capacity, channelisation, and native vegetation.
  • Source Sustainability Measures: Harnessing stormwater to recharge deeper aquifers, ensuring a reliable secondary water source for the communities.
  • Agricultural Water Efficiency: Promoting precision irrigation techniques to boost crop yields and reduce groundwater dependency.
  • Rainwater Harvesting: Rooftop rainwater harvesting will provide a sustainable water source for drinking and domestic use, with excess water recharging aquifers.
  • Water Budgeting: These measures will ensure a sustainable water supply and monitor the impact of the programme.
  • Campaigns and Training: Awareness campaigns, training programmes, and convergence meetings will engage the community and key stakeholders in water conservation efforts.