CBM India Trust and PARIVAAR Jointly Organised the 7th National Convention of SAFI in Navi Mumbai


Bangalore/Mumbai: The 7th National Convention of SAFI (Self Advocates’ Forum of India) 2023 was conducted jointly with CBM India Trust recently in Navi Mumbai.

The SAFI Forum was established through the assistance of CBM, an organisation that has provided sustained aid to Parivaar (The National Confederation of Parents’ Organisations for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) for several years. This forum serves as a platform for individuals with intellectual and multiple disabilities to express their own perspectives. About 200 SAFI members (including self-advocates, mentors, and resource persons) from across the country attended the National Convention.

“Too often, individuals with intellectual and multiple disabilities are marginalised, and their voices are silenced, leading to a lack of understanding and empathy,” said Dr. Sara Varughese, Managing Trustee of CBM India Trust. She encouraged all self-advocates that their presence in the public changes attitudes and makes society more inclusive. “Advocacy is not just through words. Through this forum, you showcase what you can do, which speaks on your behalf. Not only are you taking ownership of your lives, but we also learn from your unique perspectives and enrich our collective understanding of the world.”