CredAble Bringing Joy to the Members of the Cerebral Palsy Association of India


India, November 22, 2019: Just like every Corporate feels the need to contribute to society as a responsibility, CredAble went out of the way and spent time with the children, adults and elderly at the Cerebral Palsy Association of India (CPAI).  Recently, CredAble – a supply chain investment bank, partnered with the CPAI to contribute to the journey of the differently-abled.

CredAble employees came together and became a part of this initiative to bring smiles on the innocent faces by enthusiastically participating in a collection drive that resulted in innovative outcomes which were thoughtfully donated to the association. Talking about this initiative Nirav Choksi, Co-founder & CEO, CredAble, states, “Associating with a cause which brings about a sense of societal collaboration and empathy for the lesser privileged stems from CredAble’s purpose to empower future generations. It’s heartening and a privilege to partner with the Cerebral Palsy Association of India to bring it in with the joy of festivals we celebrate.”

During the visit, CredAble Team gave away stationeries and self-designed games for all the lovely souls at the Cerebral Palsy Association. The games are helpful in learning a skill whilst having fun at the same time. The team also engaged in fun activities with them and cheered everyone to boost the spirit.

CredAble believes that the true essence of Corporate Social Responsibility is in contributing one’s time to add value or make a difference to another human’s journey. As an organisation, CredAble is currently exploring opportunities with various non-profit organisations spanning across causes related to child and youth development for differently-abled, the underprivileged, environment, and hunger so that the whole team can bestow their time and effort as a token to the indigent.