Crypto Relief Activates 1000 COVID Beds Across Major Affected Areas


Mumbai: Through the Crypto Relief initiative, Doctors For You (DFY) has established 5 COVID hospitals across India as part of third wave COVID-19 support. The centres have a total capacity of 1000 beds, with 70 ICU beds and 130 paediatrics beds. The centres are created in collaboration with the district administrations and the State health departments. The centres are:

  1. Tau Devilal Stadium, Gurugram, Haryana
  2. Railway Hospital, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  3. COVID Hospital, Patliputra Stadium, Patna, Bihar
  4. SRA, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  5. KPCL Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka

The intervention encompasses the strengthening of the health institutions with required infrastructure, expert manpower and other essential resources. This includes providing health establishments with essential facilities including HDU and oxygen beds establishment. The current manpower is equipped to handle Paediatric cases which are the key concern under the Omicron pandemic spread.

Mindful of the importance of cohesive rural healthcare, the services aimed at strengthening the facilities in place with infrastructure support to improve the quality of healthcare. An efficient rural healthcare system is a testimony of a country with strong healthcare that is focused on disbursing quality and dignified healthcare to all people irrespective of the difference in class, caste, religion, gender or economic status.

Talking about this initiative, Sandeep Nailwal, Founder of Crypto Relief said, “Amid the third COVID wave, we are closely working with the group of health institutions to provide healthcare needs during this surge. The infrastructure provided by CRF will help with quality healthcare services and aid relief from the major health crisis.”

In addition, Sandeep Nailwal’s Crypto Relief fund was instrumental in building rural and tribal district’s capacity in six districts for the COVID current wave, where far-flung districts such as Pulwama, tribal areas such as Lasadiya and aspirational districts such as Nuh have been provided necessary medical capital equipment, medical personnel and capacity building to support healthcare services to directly impact health outcomes and additionally adding 500 more COVID beds in remote areas.