Delhi-based Css Founder Pledges Free Food for Needy Children


New Delhi: In a bid to give back to the society, a Delhi-based web design company, Css Founder pledges through its CSR initiative of “Free Food for Needy Children” 80,000 meals for underprivileged children over the next two years. The brand has been on a spree for helping the underprivileged by organising multiple programmes continuously round the clock all through the year. The team sets out every weekend to spread joy and happiness to the underprivileged. Since its inception, the brand is synonymous with helping the less privileged by offering tailor-made services. 

The brand believes that every organisation has a social responsibility and that every company should invest in social work. Together, collectively, we can certainly bring a change in society by investing a mere 5-10 per cent of the Marketing Budget towards the noble cause of helping the people. This will also help others and will encourage them as well to impart the change. By coming together, we can make a noticeable difference in our society. 

The brand has been advocating how to progress as humanity, we all have to make our little contributions. No contribution is small and even a single meal to a needy person is a step ahead. We should all aim to ensure that not a single person in India should sleep with an empty stomach. Css Founder has been a companion to the needy people not just during this time of Corona crisis but during every adversity that the poor people face every day. Imaran and his team have been distributing blankets and rations during the winter season who are forced to sleep on the road.

Speaking on the development, Imaran Khan, Founder and Director, Css Founder, quoted, “If we all come together and take the responsibility of providing food for needy children, then with our efforts, there will be a time when no child of our country will sleep hungry.”

Besides helping the needy, the brand has been championing the cause through its CSR initiative of “Free Food for Needy Children” since 2016 and has been working tirelessly ever since.