DeliverHealth Solutions Donated Advanced Life Support Ambulance and Essential Medical Equipment to Hospitals


Bengaluru: To ensure first-line treatment, and speedy and safe transportation of patients in the tribal areas of Mysore, DeliverHealth Solutions donated an Advanced Life Support Ambulance, four oxygen concentrators (10LPM) and four BiPAP machines to Vivekananda Memorial Hospital (SVYM), which will cater to COVID patients from the H D Kote tribal area in Mysore.

Providing ambulances with advanced lifesaving equipment to hospitals in the tribal area will ensure the first line of treatment to patients. During the current pandemic, transportation of severely infected patients is often a challenge across the country. Administering oxygen to patients inside the ambulance also becomes essential in many cases.

The initiative has been executed by DeliverHealth Solution’s NGO partner, United Way of Bengaluru.

DeliverHealth Solutions also came forward to support two other hospitals namely Gouthama Cooperative Hospital, Medical and Research Center, Mysore and Sri Sai Ram Medical Hospital in Bengaluru with 11 oxygen Concentrators (10 Ltrs each), one Ventilator and two BiPAP machines. These hospitals are catering to a large population affected by COVID. This donation of essential medical equipment and an ambulance will help the hospitals to support patients especially those who are unable to bear the cost of the treatment.

“We couldn’t stand by as the infrastructure continued to collapse,” said Gautam Kumar, Vice President and General Manager of DeliverHealth India. “As an employer in the area, it was heartbreaking to watch our employees – fellow countrymen and women – lose family members. This donation honours our employees and their families, and the communities we serve in India.”

“We feel gratified to be a part of this initiative. We appreciate the service offered by the three hospitals. As an organisation, we believe in mobilising the caring power of communities. United Way Bengaluru is grateful to DeliverHealth Solutions who also believe in the same and has come forward to support this initiative,” said Rajesh Krishnan, Executive Director, United Way Bengaluru.