Deloitte Impact Day


Mumbai, November 27, 2020: Impact Day is Deloitte in India’s annual tradition of volunteering for underserved communities. The focus this year was on learning and skill-building and it was the first time that all activities were done virtually. The initiative spanned 17 States and covered approx. 51,000 direct beneficiaries (through live sessions) and over 200,000 indirect beneficiaries (through the other activities mentioned in the introduction).

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the education sector, especially among students from underserved communities. Teachers who worked with these communities have faced a dearth of digital learning resources. As classrooms continue to remain shut due to safety concerns, the danger of learning outcomes being compromised has been brought to the fore.

“The Millennials and Gen Zs, who form the bulk of our workforce, have a strong urge to give back to communities adversely impacted by the pandemic. We tested the waters over six months back (during the nationwide lockdown) with virtual volunteering on weekends and the response was very encouraging. That gave us the confidence to go fully virtual with Impact Day,” says S.V. Nathan, Partner and Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte Shared Services India LLP.

“The pandemic has led to sweeping change and disruption in our communities. As we navigate the associated challenges, the need of the hour is for us to help in every way possible. An entirely virtual Impact Day is our contribution towards assisting non-profits in addressing challenges such as access to resources, virtualisation, and more. It also allows us to provide our professionals with the opportunity to lend their skills and passion towards creating an impact that truly matters and drive lasting change in the communities we serve,” added Kent Francois, Regional Managing Principal, Deloitte LLP.

Preparing 50 million people for tomorrow’s opportunities, including 10 million young women and girls in India through education and skill-building is also one of the objectives of World Class, an initiative spearheaded by Deloitte Global CEO, Punit Renjen. Punit volunteered for Impact Day and hosted a session for the NGO, Udayan Care. He addressed students who are recipients of the Udayan Shalini Fellowship, a five-year scholarship programme run by the NGO, supported by Deloitte India, and awarded to young women from underserved communities. The scholarships focus on personality development and academic achievement, designed to make their recipients both empowered and employable.

“My own experience fuels my passion for the work Deloitte does in India,” said Punit. “I believe that for bright, determined young women, there is no limit to what you can achieve if given the opportunity.” He also shared five golden rules that have served him during a career spanning more than three decades with Deloitte, and he continues to live by.

Speaking about his audience at the session he tweeted saying, “It was great to see the energy and intellect of all those students involved and the session left me thinking of them as leaders of tomorrow, a thought which gives me great confidence in the future. I’m certain this won’t be the last time you hear about these incredible young women.”