Detel Foundation Partners with Grow Trees to Drive a Pan India Plantation Initiative  


New Delhi: Detel Foundation, the CSR wing of Detel, a trustworthy and value-for-money consumer brand, announced a strategic partnership with ‘Grow Trees’, India’s leading NGO that enables corporates and individuals to contribute towards environment sustainability. Under this partnership, the NGO will plant saplings on behalf of every customer who purchases Detel Easy Plus, the world’s most economical electric vehicle.

Apart from plantation, the NGO will provide a personalised certificate and a token of appreciation to the customers highlighting the positive impact of their purchases from Detel upon the society. The certificate has a Geotag which corresponds to the tree planted on behalf of each customer. Thus, it helps them virtually visit the location of the sapling and keep a tab on its progress. 

Speaking about the initiative, Gitika Bhatia, Founder, Detel Foundation, said, “Detel has always followed the philosophy of inclusive growth that goes beyond top and bottom line. Extending this philosophy, Detel Foundation is now enabling all our customers to join an important cause, i.e., environment sustainability. Every time they track the progress of a sapling planted on their behal, they have a greater sense of belonging to their surroundings. We are hopeful that our small step will lead to a nationwide movement for plantation.”

Commenting on the same, Grow Trees said, “Planting a sapling is a great way to give back to mother nature. At Grow Trees, our vision is to create a web-enabled, cost-effective way for individuals and businesses around the world to plant trees. With our partnership with Detel Foundation, we have the opportunity to help millions of Indians join this noble and futuristic cause.”