Diversey India Trained Garima Project Trainees Into Fearless COVID Warriors


Mumbai, July 23, 2020:  Under the aegis of Garima CSR Project initiated by Diversey India  – a leader in hygiene, sanitation and infection prevention products, and supported by Doctors For You (DFY) – a pan-India humanitarian organisation, close to 80 hygiene technicians are now supporting the COVID-19 Casualty Ward of Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Government Hospital (LNJP Hospital) in Delhi as frontline COVID Warriors.

Launched in 2016, Garima – the joint social initiative by Diversey India and DFY was conceptualised for uplifting the bottom-most strata within the hygiene industry – the janitors or housekeepers, as we call them. Derived from the philosophy of “Prevention is better than cure”, the role of a Hygiene Technician is critical when it comes to keeping infections and diseases at bay. Garima – which means dignity in Hindi, signifies the primary objective of this programme to instil dignity towards the humble profession of cleaning. This School of Hygiene trains unskilled workers of India with scientific techniques of cleaning and helps them find livelihood with established facility management companies. In a span of three years, the initiative has trained close to 25,000 beneficiaries, and 15,000 of them have been gainfully employed after the training.

Doctors For You, known for its capabilities in disaster management and emergency response, quickly adapted to Diversey’s post-outbreak SOPs for hygiene maintenance during the onset of the nationwide lockdown and continued their training efforts through web-calls, aligning their trainers in Bihar, Delhi and Tamil Nadu. The infection prevention training modules covered key topics like the following:

  1. Introduction to COVID-19 and awareness of its prevention, treatment and management
  2. Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  3. Proper hand hygiene technique
  4. Chemical efficacy of Virex-II 256, Oxivir-Five 16, Oxivir-TB wipes, Suma Tab and Avert Plus
  5. Cautious handling and disposal of bio-medical waste

Contribution to Healthcare and Public Places

Between March to May this year, 2,269 candidates were trained on infection prevention and placed with various hospitals, airports, centralised kitchens, food outlets, offices and educational institutions.

“This is great evidence of the purpose of Garima coming to life. We started Garima with a threefold objective: to improve the hygiene standards in the country, to address the skilled manpower gap for our customers and to bring dignity to the profession by bringing in science and expertise. With the uplift from just being a Janitor to a Hygiene Technician to an Infection Prevention Technician, we have taken another quantum leap.  We are pleased to bring a significant change to the lives of people from being unemployed to being on the frontlines of the COVID battle we are going through,” says Himanshu Jain, President, Diversey APAC. 

“Times are tough and we’re proud to stand with the healthcare industry in India’s fight against COVID-19. For Diversey, hygiene has always been more than business. It’s a responsibility we have taken seriously for our customers and their industries. We have brought best-in-class products like Oxivir and Virex and we’ve optimised them for easy adoption. Whilst the situation has been unnerving, we have been constantly working towards enhancing the level of awareness in hygiene, sanitation and infection prevention in the various sectors we operate. Our janitorial trainees from the Garima initiative getting reskilled to manage the pandemic is a matter of great pride for Diversey India,” says  LC Das – Managing Director, Diversey India & the  Subcontinent.