Eaton Empowers Youth through Mentoring and Skilling Initiatives


National: Eaton, a leading multinational power management company, encourages skills development and learning among the youth of India with its several initiatives. Young people are the backbone of a country, since last year youth around the world have shown great strength in combating the pandemic.

Despite facing various challenges, the youth of today are at the forefront of solving critical problems for the communities. This year, World Youth Skills Day 2021 pays tribute to the resilience and creativity of youth through the crisis and correspondingly to the technical and vocational providers that have adapted their learning delivery models in the pandemic.

One of Eaton’s aspirational goals is to make communities stronger by offering their time and talent to meet social and economic needs. Eaton employees lead and facilitate several programmes that offer mentorship designed to encourage the youth of India in meeting their educational and professional aspirations.

Eaton India through its foundation, Eaton India Foundation, takes a three-pronged approach to support youth at various stages of their life path. Firstly, through its scholarship programme, Eaton India Foundation supports more than 290 students to continue their education and pursue their career dreams. The Pratibha and Udayan Shalini Scholarships are specifically designed to promote the aspirations of young women embarking on their career journey.

To address the challenges first-generation learners face in college and professional spaces, Eaton India Foundation has designed and supported a range of soft skills programmes that have benefited more than 20,000 youth over the years. The youth skills programme with the Deaf Enabled Foundation and Sristi Foundation specifically address the challenges faced by youth with disabilities in finding and keeping employment. The Ignited Innovators of India supports over 5,000 students every year to design innovative solutions to problems faced by urban and rural communities in India.

Eaton India also promotes youth leadership through the fellowship programmes with Teach For India and Vigyan Ashram. More than 50 fellows supported by Eaton India Foundation have committed to take on the challenge of solving solutions related to education and rural innovation. Many of them have gone forward to become leaders in the sector and brought about transformational change in the communities they work in.

Shedding more light on the initiatives, Ashish Kapoor, Director HR, Eaton India said, “India has the largest skilled youth population in the world, however, many a time the deserving young do not get enough opportunities to showcase and develop their skills. We hope to equip the youth of our country with both technical and educational skills that will assist them professionally and help them reach their aspirational goals. Our aim with these programmes is to pave a way for the youth to be educated and self-efficient.”

He further adds, “We also aim to empower the specially-disabled youth – those with hearing and speech disabilities. This programme includes outreach activities, training classes and placement support for students who enroll for the classes.”

Eaton’s other programmes such as Changing Gears at VIT, Design Innovation Fellowship programme, Vidya Vikas Scholarship, Aalochana are some of the additional catalysts to encourage the underprivileged young generation of India to be self-reliant in supporting their family and contributing to the development of the nation.