Ecoreco Volunteers to Partner with Nehru Science Center to Manage E-waste Menace


Mumbai: Ecoreco, India’s first authorised and registered E-waste recycling company expressed its willingness to partner with Nehru Science Centre to effectively deal with the menace of the growing E-waste.

“Ecoreco will be happy to join hands with young scientists of NSC to develop low-cost shredders and battery-driven transport vehicles for the informal workers to take place, collect e-waste and supply to formal recyclers,” said B K Soni, the Managing Director, Eco Recycling Limited.

B K Soni made this offer while addressing a webinar “Restore Our Earth” organised by Nehru Science Centre on the occasion of the World Earth Day.

Ecoreco, which partners with National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) for skilling of workers of informal recycling industry, will also install an eco bin at the Centre’s reception to create awareness and action drive against E-waste, Mr Soni said.

The announcement from Ecoreco could not have come timelier on this year’s Earth Day as the planet hurtles through another year in crisis due to the pandemic.

Earlier, Mr Soni exhorted original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to make earnest efforts to transform and integrate informal recycling workers.

India is the fifth largest E-waste generator globally with 3.2 million metric tonne of E-waste being generated annually.

Emphasising that India needs to do away with un-environment friendly approaches in dealing with E-waste, Mr Soni said Indians have phenomenal understanding of recycling and lots of low-cost technologies are available to be deployed commercially.

Expressing confidence that India can certainly meet global need of cost-effective recycling of e-waste because of its domain-expertise (kabadis) available for pre-processing and existence of extraordinary reverse logistics network pan-India.

The Ecoreco MD rued the fact that the recycling industry is yet to get its due respect and recognition in India.