Educate India – An Unacademy Initiative


National: Many young students have been forced to put their education on the backburner and fend for their livelihoods after the loss of the earning member of the family. The initiative seeks to support these children with resources to continue their education at these uncertain times.

Unacademy has launched Educate India – an initiative supported by Feeding India that aims to secure the future of children impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring their educational needs are met. As part of the initiative, Unacademy will provide free one-year subscriptions worth Rs 19 Crores for up to 10,000 children, and Feeding India will provide them with one year of free food support.

Unacademy, supported by Feeding India, has also invited the public to donate to the cause. The crowdsourced fund would be used to provide ICT devices, data connectivity for a year, and stationery to help children excel in their studies. The initiative is a tribute to the Unacademy Educators who have lost their lives in the pandemic. The initiative will also include food assistance for the impacted children with Feeding India offering one year of support, either in the form of cooked meals or ration kits depending on the need.

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