ELGi Introduces All-Women Production Lines at the ELGi Air Centre


Coimbatore: Elgi Equipments has introduced assembly lines with a 100 per cent female workforce at the ELGi Air Centre in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Twenty young women are managing operations at the airend assembly line, encapsulated airend assembly line, and the ELGi new generation compressor top block assembly line, delivering over 150 airends and top blocks daily. These young women have successfully graduated from the ELGi Vocational Training School (EVTS), completing a comprehensive three-year technical training programme comprising modules on machining, welding, electrical work, basic engineering, and advanced production technologies.

All assembly lines at the ELGi Air Centre have been automated to ensure an inclusive working environment; this will enable the achievement of torque without fatigue and significantly enhanced material handling capabilities, enabling young girls and women to excel in their roles and make invaluable contributions to the shop floor. In line with ELGi’s focus on fostering a safe and healthy work environment, every woman working on the shop floor has received comprehensive first-aid training. Moreover, a dedicated occupational health centre ensures immediate support whenever needed to prioritise their well-being, further promoting a safe and comfortable working environment.

For over 60 years, ELGi’s pioneering products and compressed air solutions have served various applications across industries ranging from manufacturing, food & beverage, construction, pharmaceuticals, and textiles in over 120+ countries. Powering a 400+ product-strong portfolio, ELGi’s state-of-the-art global manufacturing facilities, spanning three continents, are committed to carbon neutrality, water conservation, and circular waste management.