Emaar India Empowers Construction Workers with Shram Skill Development Programme


Mumbai/Gurugram: Emaar India proudly unveils ‘Shram’ – a skill development programme for construction workers, tailored specifically for its workforce and in alignment with Emaar India’s commitment and focus on skill upgradation for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) excellence. This adherence is part of Emaar India’s 53rd National Safety Week Celebration.

‘Shram’ is an 80-hour comprehensive training initiative designed to equip construction workers with essential skills and knowledge vital for excelling in various job roles, encompassing essentials of bar bending & steel fixing, masonry, shuttering and carpentry. This programme will commence at the Urban Oasis project initially, followed by implementation at Emaar Business District in Sector 114, Gurugram.

This pioneering programme underscores a dual emphasis on theoretical comprehension and practical learning, with a paramount focus on safety practices intrinsic to the construction industry. Participants will gain invaluable insight into safety and health protocols, first aid procedures, and emergency planning crucial for on-site worker safety.

In a strategic partnership with Lok Bharti Education Society, Emaar India endeavours to uplift blue-collar worker communities by endowing individuals with vocational expertise indispensable for securing sustainable livelihoods within the construction industry.


Kalyan Chakrabarti, CEO of Emaar India, stated, “I firmly believe that ‘Shram’ will catalyse transformation within a segment of society traditionally overlooked in terms of upskilling. Honouring Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Viksit Bharat by 2047’, this is a small contribution of Emaar India to improve the quality of the talent pool in the country. By empowering our workforce, we can ensure a safer and more productive construction environment, educating them in the various areas of construction processes.” He further stated that this training programme will provide digital and financial literacy, developing soft skills and introducing them to safety, health, hygiene and housekeeping.”

‘Shram’ aims to furnish workers with the requisite skills to navigate construction sites safely and efficiently – priorities often sidelined within the unorganised segment. Through expert-led on-site training, coupled with informative lectures and discussions, followed by final evaluation and assessment Emaar’s initiative seeks to empower the blue-collar workforce comprehensively.

Emaar India envisions ‘Shram’ as a pivotal stride towards enhancing the construction industry’s safety standards and worker welfare. By equipping workers with valuable skills and knowledge, Emaar India aims to establish a new benchmark for ethical construction practices in India, integrating principles of ESG at the heart of its operations.