ENTOD Pharmaceuticals Myopia Awareness Initiative Touch 20 Million Lives


New Delhi: In a collaborative effort to address myopia as a prevalent eye health concern, ENTOD Pharmaceuticals proudly partnered with Matanand Foundation for National Myopia Week. This initiative, conducted in association with the Strabismus and Paediatric Ophthalmological Society of India (SPOSI), aimed to raise awareness about myopia’s impact on eye health across the nation.

Recent data reveals an alarming myopia prevalence nearing 35 per cent, particularly among school-going children. A study by AIIMS underscores a concerning trend – over 13 per cent of Indian school children have developed myopia, with this figure doubling in the past decade.

This surge in myopia emphasises the immediate need for initiatives like National Myopia Week. The campaign’s focal point was to spotlight the critical importance of early intervention and preventive measures. By raising awareness about the consequences of untreated vision issues, the initiative strived to drive home the urgency of proactive eye care. Beyond the numbers, National Myopia Week was a crucial step in ensuring a healthier vision for the younger generation, echoing the profound impact that collective efforts can have on shaping a brighter and clearer future.

Nikkhil, CEO of ENTOD Pharmaceuticals, expressed his unwavering commitment, stating, “Our collaboration with Matanand Foundation for National Myopia Week goes beyond an initiative; it’s a shared dedication to fostering a vision of better eye health. Myopia’s prevalence is a critical concern, and by raising awareness, we aim to inspire proactive measures for eye care. This initiative underscored our commitment to the well-being of communities, emphasising the far-reaching impact that collective efforts can have on shaping a healthier future.”

A recognised expert in the field, Dr. Jitendra Jethani, Director, Baroda Children Eyecare and Squint Clinic & Myopia Control Clinic and Research Center, Vadodara, echoed the sentiment, emphasising not just the success of the initiative but also its profound impact. Dr. Jitendra Jethani stated, “National Myopia Week wasn’t only about the numbers – it’s about transforming lives through awareness and early intervention. Myopia’s surge among school-going children demands urgent attention, and initiatives like these play a crucial role in educating communities about the long-term consequences of untreated vision issues. Beyond the immediate check-ups, this initiative was a step towards empowering individuals with the knowledge they need for a lifetime of healthier vision.”

The week-long campaign, tagged #MoreGreenLessScreen, successfully reached an audience of 20 million, engaging influencers and generating Twitter trends. The campaign hashtag #MoreGreenLessScreen and #NationalMyopiaWeek trended in the number one position in India and reached 15 million people. The organisers initiated and collaborated with over 100+ mothers and health influencers to create and post over 100+ reels and 70+ stories which aimed to reach the people on the ground level through social media and spread awareness about myopia. Also collaborated with various leading national and regional news media to spread awareness of myopia to the masses.

From November 20th to 26th, over a thousand ophthalmologists and paediatric ophthalmologists participated in activities such as CME/RTM sessions, webinars, hospital-school collaboration events, and free eye check-ups in schools. The initiative spanned the entire nation, covering over 350+ districts in India right from village level to towns to tier cities using ENTOD’s nationwide people power. As a part of this campaign, we have collaborated with 2000+ ophthalmologists and in various awareness initiatives. Our field representatives have covered 50+ schools during this week to conduct free eye checks and awareness talks in which over 10,000 students got the benefit of the free eye check-ups provided at schools. There were over 50,000 patients and kids who participated in various myopia awareness activities during this week.