Fast&Up Lends Support to Frontline Warriors of Hyderabad with an Immunity Boost


Hyderabad, May 21, 2020: 2020 has marked a series of unprecedented situations for the world due to the widespread pandemic COVID-19. Most of us, being at home, we are doing our duty of keeping ourselves and others safe. However, there are people for whom being at home is not an option, duty calls and they have to face this disease in the frontline. Corporate houses and companies are stepping forward to contribute to these front-line warriors, including doctors, nurses, police force, food vendors and delivery personnel. 

Fast&Up, India’s fastest-growing sports and nutrition brand, has found a way to utilise its products to support and build the immunity of the personnel. Fast&Up’s Natural Vitamin C product ‘Charge’ contains Zinc and is made from natural Amla extract. Studies have shown that Vitamin C and Zinc help build the immune system.

After a successful donation drive to frontline warriors that included doctors, medical professionals, policemen and delivery persons in Mumbai, Goa and Bengaluru, Fast&Up reached out to those in need in Hyderabad.

Says Vijay Venugopal, Co-Founder at Fast&Up, “We want to thank all those on the frontlines who have been our true warriors, risking their own lives to ensure we are safe and healthy. At Fast&Up, it gives us immense pride to do everything we can to help support them. Our natural supplements have been shared with them to help build their immunity as a small gesture of our support to the cause we need to fight for together as a community. We are optimistic that our tomorrow will be brighter as we emerge from this crisis stronger.”

The flagship sports nutrition brand of Aeronutrix Sports Products Private Limited Donated Fast&Up ‘Charge’ products to traffic, civil and para-police personnel in Hyderabad and covered 13 junctions, five police stations and two CP offices.