FMC India Completes Beekeeping Training Programme to Educate and Empower Women Farmers in Uttarakhand


Uttarakhand: FMC India, an agricultural sciences company, has completed its final training programme in Sitarganj, in collaboration with the prestigious G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology (GBPUAT). The initiative is a part of FMC’s flagship project Madhu Shakti that aims to develop entrepreneurship among rural women through beekeeping.

Organised at the GBPUAT’s campus in Pant Nagar, Uttarakhand the weeklong training programme was attended by more than 40 participants, including a select group of 38 women farmers from various villages of Uttarakhand. Featuring a well-structured curriculum comprising theoretical sessions on beekeeping fundamentals, interactive workshops, and hands-on practical activities. Participants were trained in the intricate process of honeybee pollination and its profound impact on crop yields and quality. Practical skills, such as relocating natural colonies to bee boxes, were also a focal point. Beyond technical and practical skills, the programme placed a significant emphasis on cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset among the participants.

Ravi Annavarapu, President, FMC India, said, “It gives us immense joy to see how project Madhu Shakti is progressing in its third year with relentless support from our partners, GB Pant University.  At FMC, our mission is to foster women’s entrepreneurship and sustainable agricultural practices in the rural Uttarakhand region through this project. The completion of this training programme in beekeeping is a significant step towards empowering women farmers and leaving a positive mark on the agricultural landscape in the region. Our team’s unwavering commitment highlights our vision for a future that is inclusive as well as sustainable for rural communities in Uttarakhand.” 

At the end of the week, all trainees were provided with bee colonies and the requisite kits for bee rearing. As certified master trainers, the women trained in the session are also responsible for imparting their acquired knowledge to others, further fostering entrepreneurship opportunities among rural women in the region.

With the training completed, GBPUAT will now focus on encouraging farmers to increase bee colonies on their farms and optimise their product yields. The university will conduct periodic visits to the designated region, ensuring that every master trainer monitors and leads in disseminating the acquired knowledge to fellow farmers. Additionally, the university will work with FMC India to develop a detailed protocol for applying crop protection products for selected crops.

Madhu Shakti is a three-year-long initiative launched in May 2022 in collaboration with the GBPAUT. The project is in its third year and is progressing successfully in three selected locations: Almora, Kotabagh, and Sitarganj.