Foreword CSR Mandate Vol V, Issue II, 2020


Dear Readers,

Education implies gaining existing knowledge and cultural heritage as much as meeting future challenges. It means learning from the achievements of our ancestors, making our contribution by improving advancements in existing technology and transferring it to the next generation in a pre-planned and structured manner. Humanity has achieved a lot from where it started, and it would be a pity to lose all that has been achieved. The only way to save all the advancements that have been made is to transfer the knowledge and technology we possess by educating the young generation. Education is necessary for building the character of future citizens, teaching them moral values and helping them to choose the right path.

An educated society is equipped to work towards making people healthy, happy and prosperous. A strong educational system supports a strong healthcare programme. Together they promote other necessities of life. This, in turn, helps people to work towards the advancement of society. People’s potentials are recognised and encouraged, and opportunities broaden to accommodate these potentials.

A healthy and educated society is a more committed society; building a sense of belonging among its members. It promotes a sense of security and well-being, making members realise that a social unit is more important than the individual. Scholars have felt that to become attached to society, a person must feel in it something real, alive and powerful, binding him or her to itself, and to which, he willingly wants to give his best.

However, education is of prime importance, and it is only because of it that we live in a healthy and peaceful society. The present state of society has been possible only because of past education. Our future society will be formed on today’s educational structure; driving the wheel of future health and well-being of the people.

Hence, the government, companies, individuals, besides social enterprises and philanthropists, are taking a keen interest in enhancing educational and healthcare systems across the globe.

Best Wishes,
Kamaljit Swaroop