Fortis Hospital, Noida And Fortis Foundation Conducted A Life-saving Liver Transplant Surgery On A Girl From Pakistan

(L-R):Amreen Kalsi (Director – Partner Engagement, Fortis Foundation), Dr. Vivek Vij (Director- Liver Transplant & GI Surgery, Fortis Hospital) with patient – Anabiya, her parents – Shaista Mansoor and Mansoor Hussain, her brother, and Gagan Sehgal, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospital, Noida

Noida, February 17, 2017: Fortis Hospital, Noida and Fortis Foundation (FF) supported a lifesaving liver transplant surgery on a girl child from Pakistan. The five year old Anabiya was suffering from Hyperoxaluria Type 1, a rare condition among children, which required a liver transplant. The surgery was successfully conducted by a team of clinicians led by Dr. Vivek Vij, Director, Liver Transplant Programme at Fortis Hospital, NOIDA.

The patient came to consult Dr. Vivek Vij during an outpatient department (OPD) programme with complains of recurrent abdominal pain. Upon investigations, the condition of Hyperoxaluria Type 1 was detected. This is a condition when bilateral renal stones are formed and oxalate deposition takes place in other parts of the body. The condition is actuated due to Alanine Glyoxylate Aminotransferase (AGT) deficiency in liver. This life threatening condition can only be cured by a liver transplant.

Dr. Vivek Vij, Director, Liver Transplant Program, Fortis Hospital, Noida said, “I assessed Anabiya’s health at an outstation OPD in Pakistan. Lack of awareness, incorrect diagnosis and various factors had prevented her caregivers from accessing the right treatment. We were able to diagnose the problem, a rare problem in children, for which a liver transplant is the only treatment. With the team’s support at Fortis, the surgery was successful and the patient responded well to the treatment and has been discharged.”

Anabiya comes from an underprivileged section of society. Her father Mansoor Hussain runs a small general store while her mother, Shaista Mansoor, is a homemaker. Knowing that they could never afford to have their young daughter treated with their meagre savings, the parents requested for financial support. The Fortis Foundation and Fortis Hospital, NOIDA bore a part of the treatment. The surgery was successfully conducted when her father donated a portion of his liver. Post-surgery, Anabiya was responding well to the care given by the nurses and doctors at the hospital. Her grateful parents could not contain their relief and joy when it was time for the little girl to be discharged from hospital after making a full recovery.

Mr. Jasbir Grewal, Head, Fortis Foundation said, “Many children are deprived of the opportunity to access proper medical aid at an early stage due to lack of resources and knowledge on the part of their care givers. Timely and correct detection can enable a child to live a healthy and full life. We at FF support those children by increasing the level of health awareness, running preventive and detection programmes and help them get back their healthy life.”

Mr. Gagan Sehgal, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospital, Noida said, “Fortis Hospital, Noida has pioneered several complex surgeries in the past. We are happy that our team could support the surgery of a girl child from our neighbouring country. The team under the guidance of
Dr. Vij gave their best and were successful in their endeavour to save her life. Our efforts reinforce our focus to provide quality health care services and medical aid to anyone across the globe who requires it.”

The family expressed their gratitude when Mansoor Hussain, father of baby Anabiya, said, “We are thankful to Dr. Vivek Vij for giving our daughter a new lease of life. We will remain ever grateful to the support provided by Fortis Hospital, NOIDA and Fortis Foundation during our daughter’s treatment.”