Four Lakshya Scholars of M3M Foundation Left for China for Para Asian Games 2023 as Part of India Team Squad


Gurugram: M3M Foundation, a leading social organisation, continues to make strides in nurturing the nation’s sporting talent. The Foundation’s groundbreaking ‘Lakshya’ programme has played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of aspiring athletes across India by providing crucial financial support. Several talented athletes, supported by the Lakshya programme, have already brought honour to the country on the international stage. Notably, Pooja Yadav, Manjeet, Sakshi Kasana, and Pranav Surma, beneficiaries of M3M Foundation’s Lakshya Scholarship, are all set to represent India at the prestigious Para Asian Games 2023.

Pooja Yadav- Rising Star in Para-Athletics

Pooja Yadav, who hails from a humble farmer family, won a bronze medal in the Javelin throw at the World Para-Athletics Championship in Paris. Despite a childhood spinal injury, her indomitable spirit led her to secure silver and gold medals in the Javelin and Discus throw at the fifth Indian Open National Para International Championship held in Bangalore. She is now in China, representing India at the Para Asian Games 2023 in China.

Manjeet: National Record Holder in Javelin Throw

Manjeet, a national record holder in Javelin throw, tragically lost his vision in an accident in 2015. Despite the adversity, he clinched the gold medal at the 5th Open Indian Para-Athletics International Championship in Bengaluru and repeated his success with a gold in Javelin throw at the 21st National Para-Athletics Championship in Pune. He is now proudly representing the nation at the Para Asian Games.

Sakshi Kasana: Thriving Towards Victory

Sakshi Kasana, competing in the F55 category as a para-athlete, faced a life-altering incident in 2017. This resulted in a spinal cord injury, causing a loss of movement in her legs. Despite this adversity, she made her mark in para-sports on a national level in 2021, securing a silver medal in Discus Throw and Short Put, as well as a gold medal in Discus Throw at the Italy Grand Prix competition. Currently, she is representing India at the Para Asian Games.

Pranav Soorma: Rising Above Adversity to Achieve Stardom

Pranav Surma’s life was forever changed at the age of 16 when an accident left him paralysed due to a spinal cord injury. Rather than allowing his disability to define him, Pranav made a resolute choice to embark on a career in sports in 2018. Today, he stands as a professional athlete, proudly boasting a silver medal from the 2019 Beijing Grand Prix World Para Athletics. He has now set his sights on representing India at the Para Asian Games in China.

Dr. Payal Kanodia, Chairperson and Trustee of M3M Foundation, expresses, “At M3M Foundation, we are committed to work for the communities. Our mission is to empower promising youth and students through scholarships, nurturing their development. Pooja Yadav, Manjeet, Sakshi Kasana, and Pranav Surma are among the beneficiaries of these scholarships. However, our commitment extends beyond them, as we continue to champion talented athletes nationwide. Our foundation’s core objective is to cultivate emerging sports talent, identifying and assisting individuals from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to supporting athletes in the future.”