Giving Tuesday: Sanjhi Sikhiya Raises Rs 75 Lakhs from 275+ Supporters


India: Sanjhi Sikhiya, a Punjab-based organisation has raised Rs 70 lakhs from more than 250 supporters, as a part of their annual fundraiser which ended on November 30, 2022. Dedicated towards enhancing the quality and accessibility of primary education in government schools of rural Punjab, they have been tirelessly working on the governance as well as structure inside and outside the class. They have impacted more than 25,000 students and with these funds, they aim to add more schools in the western Malwa and Majha region of Punjab, in addition to conducting a rigorous impact evaluation of their existing programme.

Simranpreet Singh Oberoi, the Co-Founder of Sanjhi Sikhiya, said, “We hope to make Sanjhi Sikhiya a true collective, funded by individuals who believe in a better future for children and youth of Punjab. Every penny that is donated is utilised towards the mission of ensuring that all children in Punjab attain foundational capabilities in an enabling environment. I look forward to many more people coming forward, joining hands with us and contributing in whatever capacity they can.”

Talking about the potential of Punjab, Amit Chandra, the Chairperson of Bain Capital India Office, said, “I see Punjab Youth Leaders Program as an exceptional platform for anyone who wants to contribute towards sustainable development of Punjab. The state, as we see it today, suffers from a number of problems and it’s imperative that the youth take charge and work towards building a better future. I am really excited to see how it is shaping.”

This sentiment is echoed by Deep Kalra, the Founder and Chairman of MakeMyTrip, said, “Punjab was one of the most prosperous states of India and their contributions to the country have been immense in the past. However, over the past couple of decades the state has been absolutely ravaged by several social ills. The Sanjhi Sikhiya team is trying to make a big change at the grassroots level by working closely with the government schools so that the future generations can once again feel the greatness of Punjab and can rebuild the State.” He urged others to contribute towards this mission as well. About Sanjhi Sikhiya, he said, “I’ve been associated with them for the last few years and I’ve been really happy and pleased to see the efforts that this young team is making. This is my sincere request to you.”

Among others who contributed to this fundraiser were BK Kalra, the Senior Vice President of Genpact, and the Bedi family, to name a few. Fundraising platforms like Give India and Dasvandh Network have also helped amplify their efforts in India and US respectively.

This #GivingTuesday week, you too can make a difference. Two of their supporters, Deep Kalra along with ATE Chandra Foundation are matching all contributions (upto Rs 5,500 each) till the end of this campaign.

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