Grand Maratha Foundation Extends Lifelong Helping Hand to The Mother Global Foundation


Pune: Grand Maratha Foundation (GMF), a non-governmental organisation, has collaborated with Sau. Sindhutai Sapkal’s ‘The Mother Global Foundation’ to support the latter’s plans to construct orphanages and provide groceries to many beneficiaries via an initial donation of approximately Rs 50 Lakhs intended for over 650 orphans and others. The collaboration will undertake the provision of monthly groceries worth approximately Rs 2,50,000 per centre, and feeding nearly 500 cows under The Mother Global Foundation.

With a mutual goal to encourage higher education, more than 200 farmers’ children have been already funded and recruited in private offices by GMF. GMF will also provide computers for online education and skill development to The Mother Global Foundation. As additional support, GMF will not only take responsibility for feeding every orphan who is taken into The Mother Global Foundation but also provides support in administrative areas.

Speaking about the collaboration, Rohit Shelatkar, Film Producer & Founder, Grand Maratha Foundation said, “Our purpose behind Grand Maratha Foundation is very similar to Sau. Sindhutai Sapkal’s The Mother Global Foundation. Providing nutritious meals, promoting education to mobilize self-dependence, supporting farmers and rehabilitation of women has created a mutual ground for us. As this is collaboration has no bounds, we are delighted to support Sau Sindhutai in her noble work with hope for the betterment of society.”

Dr Sindhutai Sapkal is widely known for her work in raising orphaned children in India and was conferred the Padma Shri in 2021 in the Social Work category. Expressing her gratitude for the collaboration said, “During these unprecedented times, Rohit Shelatkar’s Grand Maratha Foundation has given us the much-needed support to seamlessly carry out our work for over 650 troubled and famished orphans, almost 500 cows, and other animals across Maharashtra. I am proud of Rohit’s generous and selfless association that will now help all those under The Mother Global Foundation roof and give them the life they truly deserve.”