Haleon India and Sevamob’s Primary Healthcare Mobile Van to Benefit 20K+ Patients in 2024-25


Bengaluru: Haleon India, the makers of Otrivin, in association with Sevamob (NGO) launched a primary healthcare mobile van in Hosekote, Bengaluru. This programme was launched by Shanu Saksena, Haleon India CSR Head, Raj Khemani GCC Head India, Government representatives Manjula M, CHO, Narayan Swami, Vagata high school headmaster, Dr Ankit Aggarwal, Sevamob Director & CMO along with the Sevamob field team.

The objective of the programme is to increase access to primary healthcare services to the communities at the grassroot level. Haleon India will be financially supporting the camps under its CSR initiative. This project will focus on identifying respiratory diseases, their diagnosis, and treatment.

Under this programme, Sevamob will conduct 22+ free primary healthcare camps every month across Bengaluru’s rural district. Each camp will provide access to primary healthcare services to approximately 80+ patients daily and about 20,000+ patients over the next year. These camps will be run by registered MBBS Doctors and trained nurses, conducting health check-ups on patients. The mobile van will provide free medicines along with rapid point-of-care blood tests if required, as per the doctor’s prescription to the patients visiting the camp.

Speaking on the partnership, Shanu Saksena, Haleon India CSR Head, said, “At Haleon, we strongly believe that every individual has the right to access quality healthcare. Bringing alive our purpose of delivering better everyday health with humanity, we are committed to give back to society, by taking care of the health and well-being of people across the country. We sincerely hope this initiative addresses not only just respiratory issues but other healthcare challenges as well faced by people in Hosekote. Our heartfelt thanks go to our partners and the dedicated team of experts who have made our vision a reality through their hard work and dedication in the field of healthcare.”

Mr. Shelley Saxena, Founder and CEO, Sevamob Ventures Ltd., said, “The objective of the programme is to increase access to healthcare for communities. We have partnered with Haleon India, to provide free healthcare services to communities. Through this programme, we aim to bridge the gaps in healthcare services delivery and provide quality services at the grassroot to ensure healthcare for all.”

This CSR partnership aims to bring positive change in society and deliver quality healthcare services for all.