Hamdard Laboratories Team Visits Mann Ka Tilak Old Age Home to Provide Better Health Care to the Elderly


New Delhi: Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan and Navratri, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division) conducted a CSR activity with ‘Mann Ka Tilak’, a private old age home located in New Delhi, and offered free health check-ups to the resident senior citizens. Hamdard Laboratories stationed a small medical team in the premises of Mann Ka Tilak to conduct the check-ups and provided them with immunity boosters and other supplements to help them lead a healthy life.

This new initiative under ‘Sehat Hates to Wait’ campaign launched on the World Health Day i.e April 7, 2021. Hamdard offered free consultations at their Wellness Centers and offered medical tests at subsidized rates to all who came.

Commenting on the CSR initiative, Abdul Majeed, Chairperson and Managing Trustee, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division), said, “Being the Chairman & Managing Trustee of Hamdard Laboratories, I always look deep within to find purpose and meaning for life. I have always felt strongly about the old and the elderly around us. ‘Be the reason for their smile’- is the thought that motivates me to reach out to people from different walks of life. Hamdard reached out to “Mann Ka Tilak”, the Senior Home where my team and our doctors were stationed for a day, checked the health and wellbeing of residents. Hamdard team distributed medicines and our own immunity kits to the inmates. It’s important to be less self-focused sometimes and have the need to give back to society. In this holy month of Ramadan and Navratri. I wish all, good health, happiness and peace.”

Hamdard Laboratories have a varied portfolio of immunity boosters such as Khulzum, Joshina, Joshanda, Imyoton, Infunza and Chyawanprash that combines the goodness of time-tested herbs. These natural/herbal formulations are rich in antioxidants and are effective in fighting various antimicrobial infections like flu, cough, and cold. Ensuring the availability of Hamdard’s immunity boosters, the brand has made its immunity booster products available on multiple e-commerce sites – Amazon, Healthmug, and 1mg.