HDFC to Promote Oxxy Girl Child Development Programme


A Beautiful Gift to the Nation on International Women’s Day

Looking at the huge potential of Oxxy Girl Child Development Programme (OGCDP) and the noble cause, HDFC is promoting it on a pan India basis. Under this programme, a fixed deposit (FD) of Rs.11000 will be made for every girl child born in the country on Oxxy’s Network, which comprises of more than 1.8 lakh hospitals, diagnostics and pathology labs. This initiative is absolutely free for everyone.

This is the first time Oxxy has tied up with another brand to market the initiative. OGCDP which is bound to capture the attention of all expecting parents and their families will be excellent for the masses. It is financially beneficial as well as will help build a Healthier India.

Oxxy Girl Child Development Programme is available for every expecting mother to save for the bright future of her child. Oxxy will educate the mothers about the timely tests and precautions as per global standards. These steps will also help in bringing down the infant mortality rate in the country.

Pankaj Gupta, Director, Oxxy is delighted to see the interest of other brands to come forward and join hands for an initiative which empowers women. According to him, it is a win-win situation. There will be a remarkable change in the new generation. Oxxy’s vision is to take India on top in the near future, he added.

HDFC will help the process of opening bank accounts for parents and open an FD for the girl child once the eligibility is verified by Oxxy. The amount will be given to HDFC for the same. The girls would be able to encash the FD when they turn 18.

Sheetal Kapoor, Co-Founder, Oxxy said, “This is something new we are doing, and hopefully, bind more with the nation. Getting connected to newborns for next 18 years is very exciting. It will be a challenge to do such a big task but we are well equipped to handle the same.”

Oxxy, which is valued USD 2.7 billion has been working towards affordable healthcare for the past three years and has screened more than 21 million people so far with over 1800 free health camps organised across the country, which, in itself, is a record.

Expecting mothers may register, use and avail the benefits for FREE by downloading OXXY app or by visiting