Humanity First and Foremost


We have often heard the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. During these challenging times, it is heartwarming to see how everyone is joining the fight against this pandemic. May we all keep fighting in one accord, as the darkest night is just before dawn. 

SumTotal Systems (Skillsoft)
SumTotal, a leading provider of talent development suite has made a contribution of INR Eight Lakh towards the Telangana Government’s CM Relief Fund in an endeavour to help support the State’s fight against the pandemic. The monetary assistance is aimed at strengthening the measures that are being taken against the possible spread of the virus and helping the underprivileged people of the society. The amount will be further utilised by the authorities for people under distress due to the pandemic and to curtail its spread in the community by providing requisite healthcare facilities. 

SumTotal System’s India Management team led by Krishna Prasad (Sr. Director HR, APAC), Ankur Gupta (Sr. Director Marketing), Subramanyam Gutti (Sr. Director Finance) and Chandra Mouli (Director Facilities) met Shri K.T. Rama Rao, the Minister of MA&UD, Industries and IT&C to extend their contribution. The amount was raised with the help of SumTotal System’s employee’s contribution, which was matched by the company for this relief fund. SumTotal Systems also donated an additional INR Two Lakh to Cyberabad Police to help them equip with resources and gears necessary for their daily duties. 

AGI glaspac
AGI glaspac, a 47-year-old manufacturing company, distributed essential commodities to each of the underprivileged family from the areas around its factory. The company distributed essential commodities to 1100 families, consisting of five kgs rice, five kgs atta, one kg dal and one kg oil. It was distributed by Sri Madavaram Krishna Rao Garu, Kukatpally MLA., and HSIL, AGI glaspac President, Rajesh Khosla. 

Kamdhenu Paints
Kamdhenu Paints, a leading manufacturer of high-quality paints, has donated full-body automatic sanitiser tunnels to the Jammu and Kashmir government to be used in the fight against the coronavirus. This sanitiser tunnel has been installed at the D.C. Office, Jammu. The fully eco-friendly chambers with six nozzle sprays will take just 30 seconds to kill more than 150+ infections. The sanitiser tunnel will strengthen the fight against the pandemic Coronavirus in the state.

Taking an active role in combating the pandemic, the company had also launched a massive social media campaign – India Mil Kar Fight Karo Na – Together we will defeat Corona’, to spread awareness on the virus and organising funds for donation to the PM-CARES Fund through its Kamdhenu Jeevandhara Foundation as well.

Saurabh Agarwal, Director, Kamdhenu Paints said, “We all have an important role to play as individuals and organisations in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. While staying at home is advisable, not everybody can afford to stay at home for the entire duration of the lockdown. The automatic sanitiser tunnel will help in ensuring the safety of those engaging in essential services and family members stepping out to buy essential supplies.”

The Kamdhenu Parivar also extended financial support of Rs 300 directly credited to the bank accounts of 600 plus painters and delivered ration/essential items to the 1400 plus needy families in Jammu.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads in India, Sesderma – a Spanish giant in dermo-cosmetics, has come forward to help the country by donating 1,00,000 3-ply surgical masks to various Indian hospitals. Looking at the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic spread in India, Dr Gabriel Serrano – Founder of Sesderma, and a dermatologist himself, has taken this initiative. The company has already donated masks to China, where the COVID-19 outbreak started, Italy and to Spain.

This is worthwhile mentioning that Dr Gabriel Serrano has claimed earlier that he has treated 75 corona-infected patients with a breakthrough formulation Lactyferrin with absolute success and a trial on a larger scale of 300 patients is being done in various hospitals in Valencia and Madrid.

Sesderma Laboratories is a private, family-owned laboratory, founded in 1989 by the internationally renowned dermatologist, Dr Gabriel Serrano and located in Valencia, Spain. It is engaged in the manufacture of dermatological products, products for professional use, dietary supplements (nutraceuticals) and dermatological apparatus.

Real Kashmir FC
The whole of India is reeling under the intense impact of the Pandemic COVID-19, due to which most cities are under strict lockdown. In this current fight against the pandemic, Real Kashmir FC (RKFC), has come forward and made a small contribution to the frontline medical professionals and sanitation workers in Srinagar and parts of Jammu & Kashmir by providing 500 PPE kits, 50,000 masks, 3,000 sanitisers and 8,000 gloves. 

With the whole country under a strict lockdown, there is an acute shortage of the essential items which are of utmost importance in the fight against the Coronavirus such as masks, personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, hand sanitisers, and gloves. RKFC carried out the distribution drive with the help of district administration and the local army of J&K to the hospitals directly.  

“This is a small token of gesture to the massive efforts being undertaken by the Srinagar district administration led by Deputy Commissioner Shahid Iqbal Choudhary under the able guidance of Chief Secretary BVR Subrahmanyam and the overall supervision of Hon’ble Lt Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, G. C. Murmu. I am aware of the fact that this humble offer of contribution in our fight against the pandemic may be a drop in the ocean but at this critical period we all should come forward and help in whatever way we can,” said Sandeep Chattoo, Co-Founder, Real Kashmir FC. 

“With the threat due to the pandemic looming large over the entire globe, what worries me is the safety of our health workers, who are the frontline warriors in this fight. We at the RKFC salute these doctors, nurses and other health care workers who have been working selflessly and relentlessly even at the peril of putting their lives at risk,” he added. 

RKFC gave 150 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits, 3,000 gloves and 15,000 surgical masks to the District administration. Earlier, they had handed over 150 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits and 10,000 surgical face masks to the army at the BB Cantonment for use at the 92 Base Hospital, the backbone of health care to officers, Jawans and security forces in strategically based XV Corps. Even civilians are treated in some of the cases.

Indus Towers
Indus Towers has contributed Rs 35 Cores to the PM-CARES Fund, as a committed partner in supporting the country’s fight against COVID-19. Additionally, Indus Towers’ teams on the frontline are playing a crucial role in enabling essential services of keeping India and society at large seamlessly connected through the mobile towers. It is because of the efforts of the field force, the country has been able to maintain social distancing, while at the same time stayed connected with family, friends and colleagues. More importantly, businesses have been able to offer ‘work from home’ option, and the role of connectivity has been a pivotal aspect of every organisation’s business continuity planning.

The field personnel of Indus Towers have equipped themselves with the necessary safety gear and working round the clock, even in designated hotspot regions. They have ensured the continuous functioning of the mobile tower, which is most critical when it comes to enabling seamless connectivity.

The employees of Indus Towers have also made a collection which is being utilised to distribute vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like masks, sanitisers, gloves, full-body suits, sanitisation kits, etc. to the medical professionals like doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and to the police and administration who are at the front of this battle against the virus.

“We are humbled to contribute towards the PM-CARES Fund and laud the government’s efforts in managing the current situation. In these extraordinary times, I also want to acknowledge our field force who are committed to putting India first by providing seamless connectivity to the society. Besides this, there has been a whole-hearted effort from employees to donate towards food, masks, sanitisers and other PPE in close coordination with state authorities,” expressed Bimal Dayal, CEO, Indus Towers.

Vedanta DC
COVID-19 has altered our everyday lives with widespread lockdowns and stay at home orders to slow the transmission of the virus. On March 6, the local Government in Delhi directed the closure of all primary schools in the capital. This was followed on March 19 by the direction to close all educational institutions. The consequences of these school closures have not only been the interrupted learning of our students, but it also raised concerns regarding their compromised nutrition, the consequent economic cost to families who could not work and spread of the virus due to low awareness. The lockdown to contain the virus’s spread has hit these households the hardest, not only due to the consequent loss of incomes and livelihoods, but also due to the crowded and unhygienic surroundings in which they are forced to live that often have little to no access to municipal facilities such as running water, sufficient toilets, or adequate sewage lines.

 The Ramakrishna Math and Mission is a religious and spiritual organization that carries out extensive educational and philanthropic activities in India. Its branch centres outside India, are known as Vedanta Centers. With ‘stay at home’ orders and mandatory lockdown in India, branches of The Ramakrishna Mission immediately started relief activities for low-income and underprivileged families. On March 29, a Sunaayy volunteer who lives in the United States and closely associated with the Vedanta Center of Greater Washington DC approached the Center to reach out to the Ramakrishna Mission in New Delhi for relief assistance for Sunaayy families and children. Swami Atmajnanananda, resident Minister of the DC Center immediately emailed Swami Shantatmananda, Secretary of the Delhi Ashram. Within 24 hours, the Delhi Ashram, at the direction of the DC Center, made all necessary arrangements to distribute 450 boxes of cooked rice, rajma (kidney beans) and sweets (desserts) amongst Sunaayy children recently. 

Sunaayy’s Founder Richa Prashant acknowledged Swami Atmajnanananda, “In these distressing times, your words to Swami Shantatmanandaji to support our families and children meant a lot to us. It added new life to the lesser privileged souls stuck in despair. Swami Shantatmanandaji went out of his way to provide food for the children and we are extremely grateful for his generosity.”

Swami Atmajnanananda said, “I am amazed that Swamiji acted so quickly. It is wonderful. I am very happy that you will be working together.” Subsequently, Swami Atmajnanananda met with the board of trustees who unanimously agreed to generously donate much-needed funds to Sunaayy for which Sunaayy is most grateful. 

“We feel blessed and appreciate the kindness of everyone in DC that came out in support of Sunaayy and the families we support,” added Richa Prashant.