Hyatt Pune: Let’s Talk About It. Period.


Pune, May 2019: In India,  only  12  percent  of  India’s  355  million  menstruating women  use  sanitary  napkins  and  the remaining 88 percent cannot afford sanitary napkins and instead use unhygienic substances such as newspaper, sand, leaves, mud or unsterilised cloth or rags.”, says Dr. Geeta Bora, Founder of Pune-based Spherule Foundation, which spearheads a social initiative that, among others, conducts awareness programmes on menstrual hygiene across the country, and the receiver of the Pad-Hero Award in 2018 by Niine-Movement.

In a bid to end the silence on the topic of menstruation and spread awareness about menstrual hygiene, Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar, as part of the International Women’s Day Initiative, along with Dr. Geeta Bora and Mita Banerjee, the energetic soul behind Team Miracle, the social support group in Pune, for paraplegic soldiers and amputees, poor cancer patients, street children and destitute women, visited BVJSS – Bhatkya Vimukt Jati Shikshan Sanshtha in Wagholi. Since 1987, BVJSS houses orphans, and children who are deaf and blind. Dr. Bora addressed girls, aged between 10 to 16 years explaining to them the importance of talking about menstruation and its hygiene.

After an insightful talk, the girls enthusiastically started asking questions. All the volunteers from Hyatt Pune, interacted with these girls answering queries relating to careers and further studies. Hyatt Pune, also distributed sanitary napkins to these girls along with other goodies.