Imagica Provide Law Protectors With Ponchos to Stay Dry During Monsoon Season


Mumbai, July 4, 2019: Most of us get to enjoy the monsoons from the comfort of our homes. And on some days may even get a day off from work. But braving the weather each day, the city’s protectors of the law go about performing their duties of regulating traffic, night rounds, protecting and helping citizens etc.

To honour these unsung heroes, acknowledge their relentless spirit and as a small token of appreciation, India’s leading themed entertainment destination – Imagica, distributed ponchos to shield them from the monsoons. A total of 100 ponchos were distributed among Khopoli and Lonavala Traffic Police Team, Khalapur Toll Plaza, Emergency Response Team and IRB staff to help each of them perform their duties with ease.

Ashutosh Kale, Jt. CEO and Executive Director said, “Imagica salutes the guardians of the city for the tremendous amount of great work undertaken by each and every ranking officer of the traffic police and emergency response team, every day. This small gesture is our way of thanking them for their professionalism and fortitude.”