In the Spirit of Republic Day, Homefoodi Serves Meals to the Underprivileged


New Delhi, January 27, 2020: On the occasion of Republic Day, Homefoodi, Noida based e-commerce start-up known to provide authentic home-made food made by home chefs to their customers, made it a point to serve home-cooked meals to a thousand underprivileged kids. With more than 150 home chefs in Noida, Homefoodi has been receiving a fantastic response from its customers, and all the home chefs associated are delighted with the opportunity. The Company believes that every little initiative for the betterment of society leads to the betterment of the entire world. This particular activity will inspire others to join in to contribute in their own little ways.

The India State Hunger Index also known as ISHI works on the population facing hunger and malnutrition across regional levels for the children below five years of age that are undernourished, who are suffering from wasting and stunting and have a high mortality rate. Our country has a significant proportion of children who are malnourished due to the unavailability of food. These children sometimes do not get a proper meal for days at a stretch.

There is a saying “There exists no bigger joy than the joy of giving”. Profits should not be the only aspect of organisations; they should indeed work towards giving back to the world, making contributions, big or small, and help make the world a happier place today and for the generations to come. Homefoodi made it a point to feed every child who turned up on Republic Day, serving them various dishes from Kadhi Rice to Rajma Rice to Aloo Poori.

Narendra Singh Dahiya, Founder and Director of Homefoodi was highly elated at the response of the children. He stated, “Our entire life finds its meaning in the art of giving. As a company, we have always been socially responsible. We are overjoyed to help the needy whenever we have an opportunity. We, at Homefoodi, strongly believe that if one wants to do good, there are opportunities everywhere. In this world, the misery of humans can only be lifted by humans, who are conscientious enough to help, instead of hoping that only large organisations or governments should help. It just takes a heart to help the needy and not a lot of money.”

Along with feeding the underprivileged children, Homefoodi was launched with a mission of “Ghar-Ghar Start-Up”, and aims to create India’s biggest self-employment opportunity for women and contribute towards nation building by offering them a platform to earn from home by being a home chef.