IndiGo on a Green Mission to Conserve Water and Reduce Carbon Emissions


National: IndiGo, India’s leading carrier, is implementing innovative measures to reduce water and fuel consumption on flights, on the occasion of World Environment Day. The airline has successfully conducted trials with a new water faucet on 200 flights which reduced water consumption by 5.4 ltr/hr. For an average length of 138 min flight (as per our trials conducted on board), we saved 12.42 ltr of water per flight.

IndiGo currently operates 1500 daily flights with an average flight duration of 98min. This new installation will reduce water consumption by 8.82 ltr/flight, enabling overall water savings of 13230 ltr/day

This modification will also solve the challenge of water quantity on long flights. The reduced need for uplifting water in shorter flights will also contribute to fuel savings during operations, reducing carbon emissions by 930.75 kg CO2/m3 per year. The airline has been working towards an integrated sustainable approach which can help them with day-to-day operations. IndiGo will be the first airline globally to make these changes for water conservation on board the aircraft.

Wolfgang Prock-Schauer, President & Chief Operating Officer, IndiGo said, “As a leading airline, we have a special responsibility towards the environment and ESG is, therefore, one of our top corporate goals. We are in the process of institutionalising a sustainable approach to operations over the last few years, where-in sustainability is being integrated with day-to-day operations. With this new initiative, we aim to conserve water and significantly reduce carbon emissions through fuel savings. These consistent initiatives will contribute to a healthy ecosystem for our future generations.”

Recently, IndiGo published its first ESG Report, IndiGo Green, to share the company’s outlook on good governance and an overview of the environmental and social performance. IndiGo is the first airline in India to work towards good governance and an overall improvement in environmental and social performance. The airline has already registered a reduction of 1,478,359 tonnes of carbon emissions from FY ’15 to FY ’21. In FY ‘23, the airline aims to reduce CO2 emission by 18 per cent per ASK when compared to FY ‘16. IndiGo is determined to be a leading airline in the world, focused on enhancing sustainability.