IndiGo Strives to Clean Up the Sikandarpur Pond Area Under its IndiGoReach Initiative


National, February 25, 2020: As part of its initiatives impacting the environment, IndiGoReach, the CSR arm of India’s leading carrier, IndiGo, has undertaken a project towards the eco-restoration and conservation of the watershed area and water body at Sikanderpur, Gurgaon.

Under this initiative, IndiGoReach will support the project which is aimed at ensuring environmental stability in the Sikandarpur area. IndiGo will fund the initial cleaning of the water body at Sikandarpur Pond and an open watershed area next to the Sikanderpur village, which is also an extension of the ridge connecting Sikandarpur village to 9A Road, Gurgaon. The revival of the Sikandarpur Pond and its surrounding areas will enhance the quality of life of people using and living around it.

In its current form, the Sikandarpur Pond has become a cesspool of sewage, with wastewater coming from Sikandarpur and the surrounding buildings. It is also covered with water hyacinths and has been encroached on several sides by migrants, as well as residents of the surrounding areas. The Sikandarpur Pond and its surrounding areas have become a spot for the dumping of garbage, sewage flow, and illegal encroachment. This project by IndiGoReach, aims to improve the conditions to benefit the residents of the surrounding neighbourhoods, people working in the nearby areas, as well as the transit population that uses the Sikandarpur Pond Area to cut across or use the metro.

IndiGoReach, the CSR arm of IndiGo has undertaken to support projects aimed at ensuring environmental stability. In 2019, IndiGoReach partnered with ‘I am Gurgaon’ and  ‘SURGE’ for the restoration and rejuvenation of 2.7 kilometres dilapidated stretches of land in Gurgaon and transforming them into parks with native Aravalli plants. These parks, with constructed tracks, seating areas and solar lights connect different areas within Gurgaon which allow easier access to commuters.