ITC Vivel Leads the Conversation on Gender Equality


New Delhi, September 12, 2019: ITC Vivel believes that for a more equal society, awareness of legal rights is the first step towards empowering and protecting women. It firmly believes that no one should have to compromise on their dignity, be discriminated against or denied their rights as provided by law. As part of its brand philosophy, Vivel launched, a website designed for a simplified understanding of laws around women’s rights. Compiled in an FAQ format and available in English and Hindi language, Vivel seeks to empower women and enable self-action.

In the last six months, Vivel’s Know Your Rights initiative has reached more than 250 colleges and 30,000 students through active workshops across the country.  Vivel hopes to inspire a collective of young individuals to be equality champions and empower others for a more gender-equal India through this outreach.

In the same vein, ITC Vivel Ab Samjhauta Nahin hosted a power-packed panel discussion and workshop organised in partnership with the CII IWN. Speaking on the panel were Karuna Nundy, Supreme Court lawyer, Shazia Ilmi, Spokesperson and Vice President – BJP Delhi, Ilma Afroz, IPS 2018, 71 RR, Himachal Pradesh Cadre, Gopika Bashi, Gender Justice Campaigner, Oxfam International, and Subhash Balar, Head Personal Wash Category, Personal Care Division, ITC. The conversation revolved around shifting the norm to the normal, rising up against labels, the externalities of the person and championing change. 

Karuna Nundy, Supreme Court advocate and ITC Vivel Ab Samjhauta Nahin champion, said,“By bringing real and concrete knowledge of legal rights to over 600 colleges – that’s at least one lakh people – we seek to create a tidal wave of people who are aware of their rights, claiming these rights and so forcing the system to serve its citizens. Their relationships with family, romantic partners and friends are also transforming in the process, becoming more equal. This is becoming a movement, not just by our efforts with ITC Vivel’s Ab Samjhauta Nahin, but also other efforts. We need to build on this, and fast – it is only by a circular process of claiming and exercising rights that the channel between citizens and state will become continuous and smooth.”

As part of the legal rights awareness initiative, Vivel in collaboration with Kommune introduces ‘Knock Knock’, with spoken-word poet Sainee Raj. In her piece, Sainee she talks about breaking the silence and celebrating our rights. Touching upon the extremely relevant and sensitive issue of cyber security for women, she urges us to stop waiting for the world to change and start being the change ourselves.

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