McDonald’s India – North and East Repurposes OOH Campaign Material Into School Bags for Kids


New Delhi: As a commitment to bringing in sustainability and community involvement across each of its functions, McDonald’s India – North and East – in its latest initiative has taken a step ahead by repurposing its out-of-home marketing material into school bags for kids. The initiative is conceptualised and executed in collaboration with OMD India to reduce plastic waste.

Faced with the global plastic pollution crisis, brands all over the world are working to reduce plastic waste. McDonald’s India North and East leads the way in creating out-of-home advertising and recognises that billboard vinyl, which is made of non-biodegradable polymers, contributes significantly to plastic waste.

Speaking on this initiative, Rajeev Ranjan, Managing Director, McDonald’s India – North and East, stated, “Our sustainability efforts are focused on keeping communities clean, protecting the planet for future generations, and supporting our long-term business resilience. We continuously explore avenues to reduce waste, and transition to more sustainable materials, while simultaneously making a meaningful contribution to communities. The repurposing of billboard materials into school bags exemplifies our dedication to achieving both goals in an innovative and impactful manner. This endeavour not only marks a significant stride for us toward strengthening sustainable practices but also underscores our dedication to creating a significant positive impact within our communities.”

Discussing the campaign, Anisha Iyer, CEO of OMD India Team, expressed her delight, “As people’s mindsets increasingly shift from a consumerist approach to one that’s more conscious and intent-driven, advertising’s focus on sustainability gets stronger than ever. We see Happy Bags as not just a campaign but a heartwarming step towards sustainable practices for McDonald’s. Channelling the Indian spirit, we are pleased to be emphasizing the need for innovative approaches to driving social and environmental impact.”

By partnering with the NGO Child Survival India, McDonald’s has successfully distributed over 2000 upcycled bags to children aged 5 to 18 years. The campaign unlocked a unique opportunity to infuse joy and spread happiness among children who truly need it. In a striking fusion of style and utility, the bags boast a design that effortlessly blends functionality with vibrant aesthetics, serving as a practical asset for school-going children and a reminder of the positive change achievable through conscious, sustainable efforts.

While being an interesting school supply and a unique utility for kids heading back to school, the initiative serves as a constant reminder of the good that can be accomplished through deliberate and long-term efforts. Through this initiative, the brand advances its goal of decreasing waste and promoting a sustainable culture, thereby, creating a long-term positive impact in the communities it serves.