Metro Shoes Partners with Greensole to Donate Recycled Footwear in Amravati, Maharashtra


Mumbai, August 25, 2020:  Metro Shoes recently collaborated with Greensole, an Indian NGO which provides a unique solution of upcycling old discarded footwear into comfortable slippers, further providing them to children in need. Metro Shoes, with a countrywide network of 216 stores across 115 cities in India, sponsored 6,528 recycled footwear, out of which, Greensole have distributed 519 recycled footwear in the rural areas of Chikhanldara in Amravati, Maharashtra.

Aziz Fidai, CSR Head at Metro Shoes says, “It was a wonderful start of the year while we brought smiles on the faces of schoolgoing children from rural areas of Chikhaldara block in Amravati, Maharashtra. This collaboration will really benefit those in need of appropriate footwear and will positively contribute to the less-resources communities.”

This association’s main target is to reach underprivileged schoolgoing kids from Class I-X in tribal regions of the country.

Shriyans Bhandari, Co-founder of Greensole, on announcing this partnership said, “Partnership with Metro Brands Limited will reinforce our vision in contributing to social good by creating a self-sustaining infrastructure that facilitates the provision of the basic necessity of footwear to everyone; environmental good by refurbishing discarded shoes with zero carbon footprint, and economic good by giving employment to many to refurbish these shoes.”

This collaboration is a great start of the year to reach underprivileged school children in providing footwear, where owning a single pair of basic footwear is considered to be a luxury.