Metta Social’s Impact Dialog 2023: Accelerate the CSR Roadmap for Enterprises


Pune: MettaSocial, the country’s leading provider of state-of-the-art technology for philanthropic activities and an impact-driven ecosystem, hosted its first invigorating CSR Impact Leaders Roundtable 2023. Organised in association with the IIT Kanpur – Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre, the event held recently in Pune had over 36+ social champions, including C-level executives, HR leaders, CSR evangelists, social entrepreneurs, and academia. The theme for Impact Dialog 2023 primarily encompassed ‘Transformation Pivots for CSR Strategy 2023 – Value Co-Creation, Scalability and Impact’, enabling social purpose organisations to get global prominence.

Socioeconomic dynamics, globalisation imperatives, stakeholder transparency demands, and regulatory disclosure compulsions transform CSR strategies. CSR is now a core of business strategy and leadership responsibility. Enterprise leadership and CSR heads are already taking a long-term sustainable and strategic view, with the right process, partners, and impact interventions for actionability and accountability.

The CSR Impact Leaders Roundtable 2023 discussed trends, insights, and challenges in managing large-scale social projects for organisations and the role of businesses in creating a better future for the environment and community. The event aimed to build a robust stack of shared knowledge, with perspectives from experienced leaders, academia, and practitioners in the HR/CSR domain.

Chairing the track on technology, Vishal Naik, CEO of Metta Social, said, “To empower the pace of impact creation for the leaders and organisations within the Social Good ecosystem, Metta Social aims to imbibe the existing shortcomings and help with strategies to mitigate challenges with advanced technology solutions. Impact Dialog 2023 has helped unfurl various deep technical challenges the industry faces at multiple levels.” 

Social projects attract considerable investments and require a 360-view in real-time for stakeholders and audience engagement. Enterprises can accelerate their contribution to mainstreaming the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using CSR activities and decode the new facets of the social good ecosystem. With a lot of interest from non-profits, foundations, family offices, corporations, academia, startups, government agencies, and individual changemakers from India and overseas, the excellent social ecosystem is more vital than ever.

Supporting a world recovering from COVID, the advanced need for fundraising platforms and various community upliftment projects are a priority now. Robust engagement with citizens and employees, donor matchmaking, and community partners are key requirements. The increased motivation amongst professionals across genres signals a definitive shift in the mindsets as more stakeholders bring the social good ecosystem closer.

Metta Social is equipped with the latest business processes and unparalleled experience in digital transformation, deep tech implementations, and business transformation for large enterprises, multinationals, philanthropic organisations and emerging businesses looking to set up a business practice in their CSR department.