Miracle Foundation Children’s Day Campaign Centres on Celebrating the Rights of the Child


New Delhi, November 14, 2019: This Children’s Day, Miracle Foundation India, a fully licensed Section 25 non-profit organisation, is celebrating the Rights of the Child. This year also marks the 30th Anniversary of the United Nation’s ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’. Miracle Foundation India’s model is centered on enabling these 12 Rights for Children. The Children’s Day campaign aims at spreading awareness and sparking conversations about these Rights, encouraging people to collaborate, engage and fulfill these Rights for the children around them.

The UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child is an official commitment that was made by world leaders to secure the childhood of every child across the world. India is one of the many countries that has abided by and enabled these Rights for children through individuals, institutions, and organizations, and has played a key role in bringing about positive transformation to the lives of millions of children.

However, this is an ongoing movement, with many children still living in institutions; under conditions unfit to fulfill their needs for physical and mental well-being and development. At present, there are eight million children living in institutions around the world. What is even more surprising is that 80 percent of these kids actually have a living relative who could care for them given a little help. In most instances, children have been separated from their families due to scarce resources and poor living conditions. Institutionalised children are deprived of the protection and care of a loving family. In addition to this, these children are prone to mental and physical development issues which tend to stay with them through their lives.

Miracle Foundation India works towards bringing life-changing care to orphaned and vulnerable children by actively reuniting children with their families and simultaneously improving the standards of care at institutions for abandoned children. All of the organisation’s efforts are driven by their commitment to the 12 Rights of the Child, inspired by the UN Convention of Child Rights 1989:

  • The Right to Live With Family if Possible, or a Family-Style Environment
  • The Right to A Stable, Loving and Nurturing Environment
  • The Right to Healthcare and Nutrition
  • The Right to Clean Water and Electrical Power
  • The Right to Quality Education
  • The Right to Equal Opportunities
  • The Right to Guidance from a Caring Adult
  • The Right to be Heard and to Participate in Decisions that Affect Them
  • The Right to be Prepared for Active and Responsible Citizenship
  • The Right to be Protected from Abuse and Neglect
  • The Right to Live in Conditions of Dignity and Freedom
  • The Right to Spiritual Development

Speaking on the Children’s Day Campaign, Nivedita Das Gupta, India Country Head, Miracle Foundation, said, “At Miracle Foundation India, we believe that every child deserves a loving and safe family, and we want to facilitate and accomplish this for as many children as possible. This Children’s Day, we celebrate the UN’s Rights of the Child, which has helped us empower thousands of children th rough our work. These Rights are at the heart of everything that Miracle Foundation India does, and we’re glad to have active support from local leaders to give each and every child a better future.

She added, “To enable and empower every child, the Movement based on these Rights must grow and develop, too. I urge all communities, institutions, and organisations to come together to work for the cause and fulfill children’s Rights. We believe that efforts in this direction will ultimately help us not only in reuniting children with their families, but to give families adequate support to prevent separation altogether. Every child deserves a happy childhood. All we have to do is actively play our part to help them achieve this so that every day can truly be a ‘Happy’ Children’s Day.”

Since its inception in 2000, Miracle Foundation India has been on a mission to empower orphaned and vulnerable children and help them reach their full potential. The organisation has brought impactful change to the lives of over 14,000 orphaned and vulnerable children thus far, and currently works with over 109 homes in India. The Children’s Day campaign is another step in this direction to collaborate efforts and spread greater awareness about the Rights of the Child.  Miracle Foundation India’s ultimate goal is a family for every child by the year 2040.