Nasscom Foundation’s TechForGood India Conclave


New Delhi: “India as a country is extremely committed to use technology and leverage DPIs to fastrack the SDGs, and also to share our experiences and expertise with the global community,” shares Abhishek Singh of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, in a keynote address at TechForGood India Conclave 2024. Aligned with UN’s 2030 SDG Agenda, Nasscom Foundation hosted its TechForGood India Conclave 2024 in New Delhi. The event served as a platform for civil society, social innovators, entrepreneurs, government representatives and leaders from the technology and development space to come together and foster collaborative efforts toward accelerating India’s SDG objectives.

At the Conclave, Nasscom Foundation launched a report titled: ‘Digital Dividends: Understanding the Use of Social Commerce by Women Entrepreneurs in Rural India’, in collaboration with LEAD at Krea University. The study explores the current trends, adoption of digital solutions, and the role of stakeholders in empowering rural women entrepreneurs through enhanced availability, accessibility, and awareness of social commerce and its business utility.

Nasscom Foundation also signed a MoU with Bhashini to leverage Bhashini’s platform for translating digital literacy and AI content into regional languages, thereby enhancing accessibility, bolstering educational outreach, addressing language barriers, promoting inclusivity and reinforcing the network of partner organisations.

“If we don’t take action today, there won’t be a future,” reinforcing the urgency, Nidhi Bhasin, CEO, Nasscom Foundation, said “The TechForGood India Conclave 2024 aims at uniting changemakers to accelerate India’s progress towards the SDGs, sparking bold action on critical issues like sustainability, digital equity and social innovation. The conclave is a platform for corporates, the civil society, last mile enablers, social innovators and the social investment community to come together to take urgent courageous and bold action to address the critical issues with technology as an enabler. Our collaboration with Bhashini is a step towards creating an inclusive educational ecosystem where language is no longer a barrier. Through this partnership, we look forward to making a meaningful impact on accessibility, digital literacy, and fostering digital inclusion.”

On the sidelines of the event, Abhishek Singh, President & CEO, National e-Governance Division (MeitY), said, The TechForGood India Conclave has brought stakeholders from the government, industry and non-profit sector. The platform offers an opportunity how we can work together leveraging technology for the larger social good. Such initiatives help in addressing how technology can help in achieving the SDGs, empower people, spread education to the remotest corners of the country, and ensure access to healthcare and basic rights for all.  The exchange of ideas and thoughts during the conclave will go a long way in helping us start our journey as we work with this big challenge together.”

Amitabh Nag, CEO, Bhashini, said, “The MoU in collaboration with Nasscom Foundation signifies a commitment to advancing digital literacy and AI education by bridging language barriers and promoting digital inclusion. Bhashini, with its innovative platform, will serve as a cornerstone for translating digital literacy content into regional languages, extending the reach of educational programs to the last mile. The collaboration will accelerate the SDG agenda and execute many of the service delivery challenges. He further added, “Through initiatives like the TechForGood India Conclave, we have the potential to create a larger impact, ensure knowledge building and foster collaboration.”

Srividya Nataraj, Vice-President, Corporate Services, CGI said, “Initiatives like TechForGood India Conclave have created an open forum for dialogue, learning, and action among diverse stakeholders with shared goals. This conclave helped stimulate collaboration and innovation towards achieving the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development. We are proud of our association with Nasscom Foundation.”

More than 80 notable speakers and delegates were present at the event including Sanjay Dawar, Managing Director, Global Strategy & Consulting, Accenture India; Sundari Nanda, Special Secretary Ministry of Home Affairs; T Koshy, MD & CEO, ONDC; Anna Roy Senior Advisor, NITI Aayog, Urvashi Prasad, Director, NITI Aayog; Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP & MD at SAP Labs India; Anjali Bansal, Founding Partner, Avaana Climate and Sustainability Fund; Nachiket Sukhtankar, Managing Director, DXC Technology; Dhimant Parekh, Founder & CEO, The Better India amongst others.

Aligned with the UN’s 2030 SDG Agenda, the conclave, themed “Accelerating the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through Technology,” extensively explored pivotal topics ranging from sustainable living, climate action, healthcare, and education, to empowering women entrepreneurs through engaging masterclasses, fireside chats, and dynamic panel discussions, bringing together diverse stakeholders, including government bodies, organisations, civil society, last-mile enablers, social innovators, and the social investment community.