Old Age Home ‘SHEOWS’ Holi Fest Brings Smiles to Beloved Residents


Delhi: Old Age Home – SHEOWS, marked the joyous occasion of Holi Week with the elderly residents at its Care Centres in Gautampuri, Okhla (Delhi), and Garhmukteshwar (Uttar Pradesh) with over 200 volunteers from four corporate houses and other individual supporters joined the event. Their participation added to the joy of the Holi celebration, fostering a sense of togetherness, and bringing smiles to the faces of the elderly.

The Holi week started with SHEOWS volunteers, and corporate and in-house volunteers joining with elderly residents to foster a familial atmosphere and encourage interactions. Following this, Holi colours were distributed and everyone celebrated the festival with lively music, festive treats like Gujiya and Thandai, and light-hearted activities suitable for the elderly. These included singing traditional Holi songs, dancing, and playing musical chairs aimed to create an enjoyable and inclusive Holi celebration for all the elderly residents.

On celebrating this festive Occasion, Dr. G.P. Bhagat, Founder and General Secretary of SHEOWS, says, “Celebrating such festivities with the SHEOWS residents, we aim to create a sense of joy and bring smiles in the lives of the elderly. Such festivities help us and the support from corporate and volunteers helps the elderly to enjoy the moment and celebrate with everyone, be it fellow residents, our staff and people from outside the Old Age home.”

As the week ended, a vibrant atmosphere of festive foods and enjoyable activities enveloped the surroundings, fostering meaningful interactions between elderly individuals and volunteers. These interactions, coupled with corporate support, alleviate the loneliness often felt by the elderly. This external support provides them with opportunities for engagement, celebration and feeling included, contributing significantly to their mental, emotional and physical well-being. Social Gatherings help them to boost mood, create new happy memories and enhance the sense of community through fun activities, keeping minds active and spirits high. The joyous festivities of Holi became memorable as elderly residents, staff and volunteers captured moments of celebration across three locations, and heartfelt wishes for health and happiness were exchanged, bringing immense joy to the residents of SHEOWS.