Orient Bell Tiles Enables Children of Construction Workers to Learn With Its Innovative Tangram Cartons


National: India’s increasing urbanisation attracts more than five crore construction workers, and along with them, their nearly ~5.5 crore children. This is a migrant population, who leaves small towns, often travelling across states to work at construction sites. As they keep moving they also face challenges in getting a stable education from regular schools. These children often end up loitering on construction sites or looking after younger children. Left to their own devices, they would end up as unskilled labourers themselves.

Printing Tangram on the cartons is an innovative solution to promote the development of spatial reasoning, creativity, and problem-solving skills for these children.

The Tangram puzzle consists of seven geometric shapes cut out of a single square. The goal is to use these seven pieces to create different shapes or figures. Tangram is often used as a game or educational tool to promote spatial reasoning, creativity, and problem-solving skills. The Tangram encourages children to use their creativity to make shapes and designs with tile boxes. It is a popular educational tool and often a part of the school curriculum.

The Tangram Project is just one of Orient Bell Tiles’ many initiatives to support workers’ families and promote social responsibility and sustainability. The company believes that supporting education of the under-served children is a key part of its commitment to society. By offering innovative solutions like the Tangram, the company is committed to creating a better future for its stakeholders, their families, and the environment.

“We understand the challenges that builders and contractors face to enable learning amongst children of their construction workers. Printing Tangrams on cartons of 600×600 GVT is a unique way to reach underserved children with educational aids that are relevant. These shapes are perforated and a child could easily remove them from an empty carton. We really hope that adds to any other effort existing on the site,” said Alok Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, Orient Bell Tiles.

“We ideated on this along with Aditya, CEO of Craftgami. And we had looked at numerous options before we finalised on this Tangram as the best option,” shared Alok Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, Orient Bell Tiles.